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Poke bowl. Pronounced as ‘po- kay’, is a Hawaiian dish commonly mistaken as Japanese origin because of the fresh raw cuts of fishes. The confusion probably happened because of the similar dishes by the Japanese – most likely zuke Don or donburi, and that most of us were more familiar with Japanese food as the cuisine gained its popularity over the years. While it may seem like a new trend, this simple and addictive Hawaiian dish has been around for centuries. And because local Japanese in Hawaii is a big ethnic group in Hawaii, it is no surprise of the influence in their food.


Up until 2015, we haven’t caught wind of this Hawaiian dish but when pokebowl becomes widely accepted (thanks to social media), people started being creative and infusing local elements to redefine the dish. Take note the real Hawaiian poke though, isn’t really instagrammable. So, this one is close.


2.Eatomo Publika


Meet the Pokelantan Bowl. Here at the Eatomo Solaris Dutamas, this one is made with the usual raw cuts of fish before finishing with a toss of lime and chili padi drizzle marinate, this truly is a marriage of Asian pacific. Resembling local dishes, the combination in this bowl is bursting full when it comes to the authentic Asian flavour.


1.Eatomo Publika


Another amazing protein source for those not too keen with raw fishes, Mentaiko Tamago rice is a good satisfaction although I find the portion a little small to fit the huge appetite I had during my visit. Personally, I like my mentaiko just as they are, but most are probably more accustomed to slightly more diluted flavour profile so having this with them thick slices of egg omelette and fragrant rice is topgallant.


7.eatomo publika


That wasn’t the only crowd pleaser, fresh oysters and mussels come with the breeze of ocean and sea. The plump and juicy oyster of a perfect one mouth bite size was my ultimate favourite, followed closely by the pot of mussel with that fancy sweet flavourful broth of nothing but pleasant.


3.Eatomo Publika
4.Eatomo Publika
5.Eatomo Publika
6.Eatomo Publika


Meaty bowls are inevitable, but for anyone dying to have raw leaves then you might have to pick any of their salad bowl, which I really don’t recommend unless if the determination to improve wellbeing of your gut is the main concern. Salads are like many other Japanese eatery, boring and unattractive.


8. Eatomo Publika


Seemingly trivial, but food is a way of life in the country and the ethnic diversity has resulted in such extraordinary food landscape. Who would have think that poke, a product of the indigenous native Hawaiian culture would fit perfect with the touch of Kelantan? This outlet gave me a better experience than the their first in Taman Danau Desa outlet for sure and at this blog entry point, there is a third outlet at Bangsar !!


Eatomo Publika is located at :
A2-G2-06 Solaris Dutamas,
No 1, Jalan Dutamas 1,
50480 KL
Business Hour : Monday (closed), Tues- Thurs (12–3PM, 6–10:30PM)
Friday- Sunday (12–10:30PM)
Phone: 03-6412 2280
GPS: 3.1708147,101.665288


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