Restoran Hua Mui @ Johor

Restoran Hua Mui @ Johor , Are they still the best in 2018?


Although it may, at first glance, seem a particularly right choice to hop on the bandwagon and just go right ahead with most websites raving and claiming how Restoran Hua Mui is the must visit when in Johor Bahru (JB), I for one disagree after this visit. And the continuous crowd and line became an unexplained occurrence and scene that baffled every single one of us, more so especially after our visit.



Coffee isn’t really the most amazing though it could be one of the best in consistency within this proximity, toast seemed ordinary with nothing much to rave about, and signature noodle simply wasn’t impressive to warrant a return even with a secured seat reserved ahead. I would beg to differ however, if anyone would totally have claimed that no one should be visiting and patronising the business, and I’m not saying they are lousy in anyway. With integrity accumulated from the years of operation, the business runs with great if not an obsessive attention to detail, passion, and quality of ingredients that perfectly reflects the multi-racial and culture of the local people. Anyone – local or foreign – can come here and taste a bit of the cultures that make up Malaysia. The typical kopitiam fare that most Malaysians and Singaporeans are very familiar with- toast and half boiled eggs, maybe the only thing that’s satisfying if higher grade of butter were to accompany the kaya for the buns or toasts. Upon the fall of that perfectly cooked half boiled eggs as it’s cracked open, you know they score when it comes to freshness. Every egg lover would be enticed the moment it falls like a droplet of wabbly dollop without breaking the yolk.


1.Restoran Hua Mui Johor

2.Restoran Hua Mui Johor
3.2Restoran Hua Mui JB

3.Restoran Hua Mui Johor

4.2Restoran Hua Mui JB

4.Restoran Hua Mui JB

5.Restoran Hua Mui JB

6.Restoran Hua Mui JB


Older practice and breakfast culture in kopitiam might have been improvised and probably transited to the revamped spaces, but this place speak through its offerings. Despite being over rated, it doesn’t change the fact that they offer comfort and that is more than just the execution of their business profile so anyone seeking comfort flavour of home cooking, try the Hainanese Chicken Chop. Then again, you can totally skip this if you are limited by the amount of calorie input because there’s something fancier around the corner. It is, after all the taste of nostalgia. But, travellers hankering for local food will find satisfying experience here for sure.


7.Restoran Hua Mui JB
8.Restoran Hua Mui JB


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Restoran Hua Mui is located at:
131, Jalan Trus, Bandar Johor Bahru,
80000 Johor Bahru, Johor
Business Hour: Monday to Saturday, 8:30pm-6pm
Phone: 011-3505 8916
GPS: 1.4608465,103.7629612


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