Plant based protein in smoothie bowls- Granola Geeks x Soluxe Protein


It is becoming obvious now that I’ve been sharing them on insta stories and sometimes on the ig feed. But for those who are still unsure of ways to use proteins simply as meal replacement or to keep you full for a longer time, this is the recipe that would help bring smoothie bowls to a whole new level. I’ve been getting dms and sometimes mails asking me on what’s the best way to add protein to the smoothie bowls when I thought it was something generally known – something I never thought off cause I’ve been casually adding proteins to my fruit bowls for the longest time ever.


There are many ways to fuel the morning with clean and nutritional ingredients and adding lots of fruits to it isn’t the healthiest way to start your morning. This is a misconception people have for most of the time and that is why I emphasized a lot on starting the meal with moderate amount of sugar. Adding carbo and protein to your meal is a good way to make sure you start the day with moderation.


Plant based protein in smoothie bowls- Granola Geeks x Soluxe Protein  Review on blog at:


The recent addiction is hemp and they and crazy delicious as toppings on my bowls. Then when soluxe protein collaborate with Granola Geeks to come up with chocolate protein bites and chocolate protein coco chunks, I‘ve got another favourite thing to not only snack on, but to add them onto my bowls! This smoothie bowl recipe is gorgeous using the later because of the dark chocolate coating on the crispy chunks of coconuts.


1 banana
1 Tbs soluxe protein
1 tsp beetroot powder
1Tbs chia seed
1tsp flax seed
Quarter cup mango
2 Tbs Greek yogurt
2 Tbs water


Pistachio nuts
Granola Geeks x Soluxe Protein’s Chocolate Protein Coco Chunks


Plant based protein in smoothie bowls- Granola Geeks x Soluxe Protein  Review on blog at:


This combination of topping and base is one of the most delicious and my most recent favourite recipe- both sweet and bitter balancing the taste profile with amazing texture of crispy, crunchy, rich cocoa chocolatey, and nutty. Happy clean start daily and remember this. Healthy lifestyle means eating everything in moderation.


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