Galito’s First outlet in Malaysia @ e-Curve Mutiara Damansara

Galito’s first outlet in Malaysia at eCurve (Vs Nando’s Malaysia)


For a fast moving city, too few of KL’s fast casual dining restaurants offer real, actual, dining with good ingredients and relaxing ambiance. I am talking about quick service with little waiting time and a balance and delicious meal with good nutrition and the right portion while experiencing all that in a place with joyful and vibrant ambiance. Enter any Nando’s outlet and that’s your glorious casual experience to fuel up and eat well. They’ve always have flamed grilled aromas over diners and while there are not much for vegetarians, there’s yummy meals with no meat in it on their appetisers and sides as well. Notoriously known for their delicious sides, fino sides and big portion appetisers, I say there is always a great share of something for solo or communal dining.


And let’s admit it- there are no other flamed grilled chicken like Nando’s. Not until Galito’s from the same country of origin as Nando’s decided to open in Malaysia with their very first outlet located in E- curve Mutiara Damansara. With close to 80% similarities in their menu, concept, and even the interior design, right down to the renowned peri sauces, Galito’s will inevitably being branded as Nandos’ copy cat and even though they are established from as early as 1996, Nando’s got a history approximately 10 years ahead of them when it was founded in 1987. But now that the both are here in Malaysia, would you rather Nando’s or Galito’s?


2. Galito's Malaysia at ecurve


Here in Galito’s, chicken tasted tender from a long marinating and a quick grill just enough to cook the chicken properly and retaining the juice from within. It was not as flavourful as Nando’s but casual dinners can never tell them apart if not eating both side by side. Chicken serving is offered as quarter (starting from RM 11.50) or half (starting from RM17.90) with smaller variation of sidelines (RM4.90 for regular and Rm 7.50 for large) to choose from.


1.Galito's Malaysia


Smaller sideline varieties are not necessarily bad because quality is assured with lesser to juggle. But here in Galito’s, their sides are at a bigger portion. The sweet potato fries is a must order and one thing Malaysians are going to be thrilled with, is the bottomless white rice that’s fragrant and fluffy and absolutley not a slapdash job. I enjoyed the white rice with the Liver and Roll (RM 9.90) that is and not as peri peri as the ones in Nando’s. I also enjoyed the Galibowl (RM 15.90)- a decent portion of appetizer with opporto rice mixed with chicken cubes, spinach and their signature sishebo sauce. It is good as a main.


3.Galito's Malaysia at ecurve

4.Galito's Malaysia at ecurve

5.Galito's Malaysia at ecurve

6.Galito's Malaysia at ecurve


They’ve nailed the chili beans as well, but it still doesn’t beat Nando’s Fino Sides which unfortunately tags slightly heavier in price. I’d say Galito’s copied well if not more fantastic than Nando’s and would definitely win the hearts of many Malaysians with the slightly cheaper and more affordable meal choices when it comes to flaming grilled chicken. I like the bigger menu in Nando’s and I’d choose Nando’s sauce over any other sauces anytime.


Galito’s first outlet in Malaysia is located at:
G02-G03 eCurve,
2A, Jalan PJU 7/3,
Mutiara Damansara
Petaling Jaya
Business hour: Daily 10:30AM–10:30PM
GPS: 3.1575492,101.6120124


Click HERE for MENU and more photos on flickr.


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