Foodieville at the Melawati Mall


The new super-regional Mall of Melawati represents the heart of Melawati– a township developed on a scale beyond just leisure and business. Not only is it a natural meeting point for business and leisure, as well as a preferred recreation venue for families and friends, it is also the one stop for foodies. The mall is positioned to be an iconic lifestyle hub, located in Taman Melawati, adjacent to residential areas of Wangsa Maju, Built Antarabangsa, Taman Permara, Kemensah Heights, and of course the Taman Melawati.


With accessibility from 5 major highways (Duke, MRR2, Karak, AKLEH, and the future KLORR) and LRT stops, this joint development of CapitaLand and Sime Darby sure promises plenty of excitement.


Opened on 26 July 2017, Melawati Mall has formed the iconic hub and with substantial anchor tenants, a carefully selected retail mix, and a wide diversity of food and beverages, we are looking at a shopping experience crafted for foodie like me. The recent Foodville makanlicious food hunt organised by the mall to showcase their partner restaurants was a great success and we covered six restaurants within the mall in a day, it was a blessing.


Melawati Mall


Starting with the Jamaica Blue cafe and named after the Blue Mountain in Jamaica, they take pride in the 2 types of coffee beans – the Jamaica Blue Signature Blend, and the Jamaica Blue Mountain. Both the award winning coffee and the world’s best coffee were delivered perfectly alongside the fabulous food. Perfect to start the day, their Signature Harvest Menu really captured my attention. We all know I love starting the day right with the right food. And this Super Fruit Bowl (RM 19.90) and the Enrichment Bowl (RM 19) is probably also a fabulous choice for fitness enthusiast. And don’t miss out both the award winning coffee and the world’s best coffee were delivered perfectly alongside the fabulous food.


1.Foodieville at the Melawati Mall
2.Foodieville at the Melawati Mall

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Second stop brought us to the best of cuisine that is truly unique as a heritage of Malaysia. Baba Nyonya by Sambal- chili offers the wide selection of rich spices and herbs with dishes prepared upon order for their diners to ensure the freshness of each dish. Combining Chinese wok and claypot into local rempah, Chef Rimong made sure that the rich culinary flavour is delivered in their Peranakan dishes. Homey and comforting, the dishes were packed with flavours we are all familiar with. The dishes are not the only thing that’s capturing the heritage of Malaysia. The interior and paintings on the wall is equally as heart-warming. Check out their batik prints on their menu. Every piece of menu has a unique piece of batik cloth on it.


Baba Nyonya by Sambal- chili @ Melawati Mall
Baba Nyonya by Sambal- chili @ Melawati Mall

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With their beautifully painted dining room, the décor in this next stop may be slinky and contemporary, but is serving a good value, including a lovely selection for both ala carte and communal dining. Must have is the steam fish. It is marvelously comprehensive with a blend of all sour, spicy, salty, sweet delicious clear broth with the plump white fillet submerging in it. Dishes at the Tiger Lily are designed for Thai food lover with menu built around familiar street food as well as some signatures of Thailand flavour.


2017-10-01 01.35.07 1
2017-10-01 01.34.49 1

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With an open kitchen parading and showcasing the flow of your burger preparation right from where the meats are grinded and patties are grilled and assembled into stacks and layers of meats and cheese and buns and lettuces. Served with their fresh potato chips, every bite of the burger will be elevated with the texture of those crispy chips. Wayback Burger has landed in Malaysia and apart from the many fnbs that I’ve reviewed for the recent foodieville, there is no way I would let this slide and this one is the exciting one that I was really looking forward to during the restaurant hopping session. Meat is very fresh and delicious when I had it, and the buns are what’s different from many burger chains in town. In fact, they are probably the few that does their burger buns in such. Burger bun is grilled with butter and inverted so be ready to have all fingers greasy when eating the Cheeeesy Burger (RM 22.99). This is the signature and with double patties and 4 slices of cheddar cheese, you either love the flavours or you hate it.


Wayback Burger at the Melawati Mall

2.wayback burger

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The last stop was a real down-home deal, a masterful comfort food with a quality coffee brewed with single origin imported from Gayo Highland’s Acheh Indonesia. Be it the gorgeous alfresco area or its stunning rustic contemporary mix of atmosphere; don’t let this modern design deter you because it doesn’t burn a hole in your wallet.


4.Be Sixth Comfort Food @ Melawati Mall
3.Be Sixth Comfort Food @ Melawati Mall

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Of course, the food savouring isn’t complete without some sweet delights. And what is better than a sharing bowl with varies balls of creamy and flavoursome ice cream scoops from Swensen’s? Good old solid ice creams with many flavours to choose from and offering not only ice cream, there are comfort casual meals as well. This one is the Earthquake Sundae with eruptions for presentations!!


Foodieville Makanlicious Food Hunt at the Melawati Mall with Swensens


With such variety and assortment of food choices in this mall, leisure and shopping is much enjoyable that’s for sure. Click HERE to read more about the rest of the restaurants in the mall.


The Melawati Mall is located at:
Jalan Sabah, Taman Melawati,
53100 Ampang, Selangor
Business hour: 10am – 10pm daily
Phone:+60 3-4161 6313
GPS: 3.21066,101.7484403


Click HERE for all the makanlicious food hunt photos.


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