Mango Smoothie recipe by Shell Harris of Smoothie web


I think we can all agree to some point that food indulgence has been a big part in our lifestyle. However most people are forgetting that we are what we eat. I’ve been encouraging clean eating on my instagram page so hopefully people realized that eating correctly is ultimately the key to not only looking good but feeling great when you are enjoying good health. And I have to be very honest, clean eating is not boring at all. I have here today a breakfast mango smoothie by guest blogger, here is Shell Harris and her fabulous way to start the morning.


Shell Harris Smoothieweb mango smoothie recipe


Busy in the mornings? This is the perfect get up and go breakfast smoothie that is easy to throw together when you are in a rush in the morning. You can mix it up by adding your favorite cereals so that it is suitable for the kids too for a healthy but on-the-go family breakfast that means you don’t skip the most important meal of the day.




Serves Two

• ¾ Cup Frozen Mango

• 1/8 Cup Porridge Oats

• 2 Teaspoons Ground flaxseeds

• 1 Cup Skimmed Milk

• 2 Tablespoons Honey


To Make


1. Add the milk, mango and 1 tablespoon of honey to a blender and mix until creamy.

2. Add the oats and flaxseeds and blend further on high speed until mixed completely

3. Pour into a glass and drizzle over the last tablespoon of honey.


Why These Ingredients


The frozen mango is a thickener for this smoothie and also acts to chill it to the appropriate temperature for serving. The honey gives a sweet flavor to cover the oats and flaxseeds for a better taste.


Nutritional Analysis

Calories: 170

Fat: 2g

Protein: 1g

Sugar: 20g

Fiber: 3g

Sodium: 50mg

Suitable for Vegetarians




Full of antioxidants which can help to reduce the risk of cancers, such as; breast, prostate and colon, flaxseeds provide a lot of nutrition per tablespoon. They can lower the risk of diabetes for those with precursors for the condition by improving glycemic control due to the healthy fats and fiber it contains. Menopausal women can also find relief from the symptoms such as mood swings and hot flashes by frequently adding flaxseeds to their diet.


Mangos can also aid those who are diabetic as they have a low glycemic index which can normalize insulin levels and reducing the blood sugar levels from spiking which is common when drinking fruit smoothies. Other benefits of consuming mangos include reducing the risk of cancers such as: breast, leukemia, prostate and colon due to the high antioxidant enzymes they contain. In addition to this, the high content of vitamins A and C helps to prevent nutrition related breakouts and clear the skin which is particularly useful for those on a diet or weight loss program. Mangos can also maintain low cholesterol and keep a healthy heart due to their high fiber content.


Fun Fact: You can add some of your own cereal to this recipe like cheerios or other whole meal cereals to make it more exciting for kids to involve their favorite foods.


You can find more delicious and healthy smoothie recipes at


Please head over to Shell’s smoothie blog and here is a big thank you to Shell for sharing this recipe.


Remember….always start your day clean.


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