Pork Organ Pepper Soup @ Taman Midah Cheras


Pork Organ Pepper Soup at Taman Midah, Cheras is apparently notoriously well known and popular amongst the neighbourhood patrons to offer fresh and delicious offal if you are into this kind of delicacies. Being the anchor at this row of stalls, they attract a healthy number of crowds – it would be difficult to miss the stall, especially when they lit their business signboard brightly with Chinese name that apparently spelt Wong Hoi San.


1.Pork Organ Pepper Soup @ Taman Midah Cheras


The menu were simple clear and direct, with pictures of every dish laminated and filed in a booklet, making it easy to order even if reading in Chinese is impossible for you. I didn’t have any hard time ordering. In contrary, everything was swift right from when upon seated. Service is prompt with helpful lady recommending appropriately and accordingly. We asked for something light and she recommended their signature pork organ soup(RM 10)- a bowl of hot steaming soup filled with a medley combo of everything you can think of inside the pig.


2.Pork Organ Pepper Soup @ Taman Midah Cheras


Top up the comfort with their velvety bowl of Pork Intestine porridge(RM 6), and some simple Vegetable (RM 6)and it quickly sums up to a lovely meal.


3.Pork Organ Pepper Soup @ Taman Midah Cheras
4.Pork Organ Pepper Soup @ Taman Midah Cheras


If there is some more space, this Lala with Rice Wine (RM 12) is superb. With a light hint of alcohol at the finishing of every sip of that boiling hot soup, this one is fantastic on its own.


5.Pork Organ Pepper Soup @ Taman Midah Cheras


This place offers some few simple dishes but it certainly doesn’t come with hefty price tag. Be there on Saturday and take a stroll at the weekly night market next to it. The amount of things to see and to buy is crazy fun. I have them saved on my snapchat here.


6.Pork Organ Pepper Soup @ Taman Midah Cheras


Wong Hoi San Pork Organ Pepper Soup is located at :
Jalan Midah 1,
Taman Midah, Cheras,
56000 Kuala Lumpur.
GPS: 3.1033453,101.7328375


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