Komugi Malaysia’s Otsukimi Mooncake


The Mooncake is best to represent the food for Mid-Autumn Festival celebration. There is a saying to why moon cakes are round in shape. It is a symbol of family reunion, and eating the mooncake is traditionally demonstrating togetherness when families gather to savour these delicious bites.


1.komugi mooncake


In Japan, the festival of honouring the autumn moon is known as jugoya. And at Komugi bakery, the Otsukimi moon cake is what’s launched to specially bringing family closer together. Komugi’s Otsukimi (literally means moon viewing), comes in 4 different flavour- green tea apricot, low sugar lotus , German blackforest, and Azuki milk.


3.komugi mooncake

4.komugi mooncake


With products of freshest ingredients, these moon cake set comes in lovely box that’s perfect as gift.


2. komugi mooncake


Along with the Otsukimi, Komugi also has the Baumkuchen- a Germany pastry made popular in Japan. This traditional layered cake is baked one layer at a time on a rotating spit over a special open oven. Komugi happens to be the only bakery in Malaysia that has this unique oven, making them the first bakery chain to offer Baumkuchen in Malaysia. This green tea flavour Baumkuchen is very decent sweet treat to go with hot tea.


5.komugi mooncake


The elegant packaging is best for gifts. Follow them on social media for more information or visit their stores to purchase.


6.komugi mooncake

Website: www.komugi.com.my
Facebook: Komugi Malaysia
Instagram: komugi_my


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