WhupWhup Cafe @ Subang


Whup Whup Cafe in Subang industrial area has already created hype amongst the younger crowd within this heavily dense and student packed area. Tucked within a dead end with a small and un-showy restaurant facade, who would have guessed the show begins the minute you enter.


1.WhupWhup Cafe @ Subang

2.WhupWhup Cafe @ Subang


Revamped from an existing factory outlet, Whup Whup also made a name for itself with a compact but perfectly formed menu, as well as an easy going conviviality. Dishes are very creative and contemporary; with tables arranged loosely to create ample space for comfy dining- loosely placed, but during peak time it can get a little noisy. Even so, take your time to enjoy the ambiance; the space is very calming and impressive. Very instagramable too.



Want those Rosy Cheeks (RM 10)? Go for their starter soup. Rosy Cheeks is their soup of tomato with onion and served with a slice of bread. There is a perfect balance of sweetness to balance the acidity.


4.WhupWhup Cafe @ Subang


Chicken Mojo with rosemary raters and pan fried oranges (RM 22) can be lovelier if not for the sautéed potato cubes. Marrying potato and chicken for this dish probably appeal for its good value for money but I’d rather have them in clean and healthier form, probably with something green or leafy rather than anything starchy, but otherwise it’s hard to fault the dish.


5.WhupWhup Cafe @ Subang

6.WhupWhup Cafe @ Subang


And the next best substitution of protein supply for those fitness enthusiasts apart from chicken is fish of course. A nice cut of salmon fillet usually excites me and my favourite when it comes to this fish is usually raw or sous-vide. But WhupWhup’s Mohawk Salmon (RM 28) is good. So much character in this dish with those pineapple salsa atop a bed of mash, it’s no wonder it is rocking Mohawk.


7.WhupWhup Cafe @ Subang


It is never easy to pull off a big breakfast that is super outstanding or fabulously extraordinary. After all, big breakfasts are typically composed of all your classic western breakfast favourites and it is almost the most basic breakfast item in any cafe who serves breakfast. There could be hit and misses most of the time but Whup Whup jazz up their big breakfast; namely the Whup Daddy (RM 25) and is served with egg of your choice, eying mushrooms, some pan seared tomatoes, and toasted country bread.


8.WhupWhup Cafe @ Subang


One would eventually notice those hippie and playful dish name, and take note their beverages were equally as fancy and cheeky. But like many other cafes, they classically serve espresso based caffeine as well as some juices and soft drinks.


9.WhupWhup Cafe @ Subang

10.WhupWhup Cafe @ Subang


Click HERE for their 2 page menu and some more photos of the review on flikr.


Whup Whup cafe is located at:

12, Jalan SS13/3B,
47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor.
Phone:+60 3-5612 6250
Open 11am-10pm (Wednesday – Sunday)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/whupwhup.my/
GPS: 3.070414,101.59871


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