Fancy Breakfast Club @ Bangsar


The almost total lack of gimmicks at the Fancy Breakfast Club in Bangsar lets the staff concentrate on giving diners exactly what is proposed – a fancy breakfast, all day long.


1.Fancy Breakfast Club @ Bangsar


The cool decor is defiantly minimal but the friendly staff won’t ever allow it to boring, they are filled with enthusiasm to recommend and to help you decide. Through the window frames, you’d find natural light filling the intimate room with wooden table each placed with beautiful candles; I’d imagine the sight to be breathtaking when all is lit up approaching night fall.


2.Fancy Breakfast Club @ Bangsar
3.Fancy Breakfast Club @ Bangsar
4.Fancy Breakfast Club @ Bangsar


Simple pendant bulbs and plain wooden tabletops placed neatly and instill a confidence in the meal to come. While the menu isn’t extensive, the few dishes they do have tick all the right boxes. This breakfast platter is strictly sharing because it is made with a minimum of 5 items priced at RM 3 each. Choose from eggs of any style (our pick – poached), sautéed mushroom, Sautéed cherry tomatoes, mashed avocado, baked beans, Turkey ham, beef bacon, hash brown, fresh cut fruits, grilled vegetables, yogurt and smoked salmon.


5.Fancy Breakfast Club @ Bangsar
6.Fancy Breakfast Club @ Bangsar
8.Fancy Breakfast Club @ Bangsar
Fancy Breakfast Club @ Bangsar (Full review at )#halal #breakfast


Each board is accompanied by a complimentary of toasted bread, humus and tomato chutney.


9.Fancy Breakfast Club @ Bangsar


A selective few of these items from the platter also makes appearance in few selected items on the menu.


10.Fancy Breakfast Club @ Bangsar

Yogurt with honey


Both hot and iced beverages are reasonably priced and mostly caffeine based. The big question is why is there no juices or smoothies? And how about some shakes?


11.Fancy Breakfast Club @ Bangsar

Cappuccino (RM 8)

12.Fancy Breakfast Club @ Bangsar

Gryphon Tea (RM 8)

Fancy Breakfast Club @ Bangsar - Menu

Fancy Breakfast Club’s one page menu


The Fancy Breakfast Club here could be a blueprint for how to run a modern restaurant but is not a coffee destination for sure. Put aside the earlier viral social media crisis ( Read about it on here ). While it could be tricky trying to get to this place, or as a matter of fact, as well as securing a legal parking bay, it is totally worth a visit if you are totally the breakfast kind of person. Or, a food instagram enthusiast.



Click HERE for the menu and more photos from this review.


The Fancy Breakfast Club is located above Sangkaya at:
6, Jalan Telawi 2,
Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2202 2020
Opens Tuesday-Friday (8am-2pm, 6pm-10pm), Saturday-Sunday (11am-2pm, 6pm-11pm)
GPS: 3.1326036,101.671771


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