Restaurant Unlimited @ SS 14 (Subang Jaya)


Restaurant Unlimited at SS14 happens to be a gem when it comes to variety and affordability. Also, the tai chau fire up a lineup of comforting dishes with the first pick being perfect for sharing especially for late night supper- Watan Hor. Velvet and silky smooth starchy gravy coating a neat fried char kuey teow with a bit of vegetables, some slices of meat and a tiny bit of mix seafood.


1.Restaurant Unlimited @ SS14


If you must have rice at anytime, there is menu with dishes and rice as well. Dishes of Chinese cooking are available with white rice and is fantastic especially for solo diners. Butter Milk Chicken here is served with white rice. The delicious butter milk gravy was great while the chicken were fried to a perfect texture still crispy on the outside but retaining the juice inside the chicken cutlets.


2.Restaurant Unlimited @ SS14


This coffee shop runs with several stalls and there is this bahkut teh (BKT) stall which serves uncommon serving of BKT. Anything you want with BKT combination is possible, even if it is just plain soup with enoki mushrooms. Kudos for such flexibilities.


3.Restaurant Unlimited @ SS14
4.Restaurant Unlimited @ SS14


Also popular is the fried chicken according to the owner but I would reckon it’s a little overrated. Every bite was fresh and juicy, but could use a bit more marinating. Even with the chili sauce, they were rather boring. Then, there is the Ah Hwa Hokkien Mee which was made popular in Jalan 222 Petaling Jaya. Although fewer pork lard and lesser wok heat, it’s still good.


4.2Restaurant Unlimited @ SS14
5.Restaurant Unlimited @ SS14
8.@subang 14 bake fish (8)
Charcoal BBQ cooks a whole fish with charcoal on sand in an oven pit. Charcoal burns nonstop while the fish is machinery spun to have it evenly cooked.


11.@subang 14 bake fish (4)
11.1 Restaurant Unlimited @ SS14 subang
Charcoal Baked Fish photo output_7fOJsa_zpscv9vcqah.gif


The end result, the skin is not edible as we were told and inside, we found a tasty, soft and fleshy flakes. While the fish is firm, it was rather bland with no additional flavouring apart from the chili and lime which accompanied the fish. Lime easily brings out natural sweetness from the fish.


6.Restaurant Unlimited @ SS14
6.2 Restaurant Unlimited @ SS14
7.Restaurant Unlimited @ SS14


The place is nicely decorated with light bulbs and makes a great place for late night supper with a beer or two. If not, there is a stall of fruit juices for all the vitamins or just to quench that thirst. You get to flexibly mix and match your fruits but the prices vary accordingly to the types of fruits.


9.Restaurant Unlimited @ SS14
10.Restaurant Unlimited @ SS14
Restaurant Unlimited is located at :
78, Jalan SS 14/2,
47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor
Phone:+60 12-292 2198
GPS: 3.0726592,101.589512


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