MyeongDong Topokki @ 1Utama

Topokki, the fast food of Korean street snack now available and operates at MyeongDong Topokki at their second outlet in One Utama (1 Utama), along with many other set meals to offer. Keeping their prices low and reasonable for inside a mall, service is quick and this pit stop conveniently lets you grab and go to enjoy the chewy rice cake.


Even at its country of origin, homemade rice cake is rare to come by. Like what you’d be getting on the street in actual MyeongDong, expect commercial and store bought recipe here as well at the 1 U’s Myeong-dong Topokki. With bright colours and walls plastered with wall papers with photos of MyeongDong subway, dining-in would be served in bowls while takeaways are conveniently in paper bowls and both to be enjoyed classically with a skewer stick, exactly the way it is savoured on the street in Korea.


1. Myeong-dong Topokki
2. Myeong-dong Topokki One Utama


Good rice cakes sustain its chewiness for few hours, but those are rare and almost impossible to buy them. Their Original Toppoki떡볶이 (RM 10.80) here doesn’t go stale when eating right up to an hour but is obviously not castella soft anymore by then. We love the fish cakes soaking in the chili-speckled sauce and the zing of fire was fiery amazing for me who loves spicy food. Warning follows if you decided to take up the spicy challenge option; this one is for the adventurous ones.


3. Myeong-dong Topokki 1 U


Their Kimali twikim 김말이 튀김, a popular street snack food with plenty of crunch and packed with flavours is no disappointment and there isn’t many places that sells this so this one is quite the winner already. Kimali (RM 8.50) here is served pretty and those deep fried rolls of glass noodle are quite a delight for sharing. And if anyone is wondering what’s the closest resemblance Malaysians would be familar with? That’ll be fried sushi roll, except this has more texture.


4.  Myeong-dong Topokki 1 Utama


Stews and soups are mandatory in any Korean eatery so likewise, this one here has a quick and good selections and we sampled the Kimchi Jjigae 김치찌개 (RM 16.80) with chicken in it and if I must say, I still like the pork version best. But since they are pork free, chicken, beef and seafood are the only only options available. The meal presents itself in a combi plate with rice, and the ban chan 반찬 of course. The kimchi didnt win me over but everything else including the not so short grain rice did.


5.  Myeong-dong Topokki 1 Utama
6. Myeong-dong Topokki 1-Utama


With the globalisation of Korea ‘s entertainment industry, fast comfort food in the country like instant noodle quickly becomes popular among the youngsters here. The Hangul Chicken Ramyun (RM 16.80) resembles our quick 3 minutes noodle that we cooked for supper, thanks to the overwhelming sweetness from the cabbages in it.


9. myeong-dong topokki one u.


And like most of their sets, the chicken ramyun is served with their daily sides. Plus, that’s not the only thing that comes with this springy instant noodle. Their Kimbab was a delight; I wouldn’t mind eating this alone as main.


11. one u myeong dong topokki
7.Myeong-dong One Utama
8.Myeong-dong One Utama
10. Myeong-dong topokki one u.


The meals extends towards convenience dining while the beverages range simply from simple bottled drinks to common sweet canned beverages to cure the spicy chili.


12. Myeongdong topokki one utama


Click HERE for Myeong-dong topokki’s menu.


MyeongDong Topokki is located at in One Utama at:
LG312B, Lower Ground Floor,
One Utama Shopping Centre,
1, Lebuh Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya,
Bandar Utama, 47800
Business Hours: Mon-Sun (10am-10pm)


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