The Eight Avenue @ Solaris Dutamas (outside Publika)


The beauty of Eight Avenue Restaurant and Bar in Solaris Dutamas (outside Publika) is that, while they take quality seriously, it’s done without pretence or show. There is no outrageous gimmick, just knowledgeable and friendly staff that is proud of what they are doing. Although food arrived at inconsistent timing while they are still new at it during our visit, you would be expecting a warm and friendly service from all the staffs resulting to everyone conveniently loosing track of our orders amidst the relaxed setting.


1. Eight Avenue Publika


Starting with the Angles and Demons (RM 14.90), it makes an elegant starter with smoked salmon wrapped in juicy cantaloupe and bacon wrapped prunes. It is common to see bacon wrapped prune on skewers but having them served as individual bite sizes is creative.


2. Eight Avenue Publika


And, we’ve seen dishes go global on plates and battered cauliflower is that popular Middle Eastern dish with this rendition here in Eight Avenue featuring their battered dipped plants with Manchurian sauce in it. This was a virgin sampling for me and I totally like the sauce combination on top of the flavour of cauliflower. Although a little soft inside on the cauli, with the spices mild and easy and the batter coating slightly sticky and chewy, and a pleasant sweet to go with the nutty cauliflower, this Cauliflower Manchurian (RM 11.90) can be a great pub grub or starter.


3.Eight Avenue Publika


Another amazing dish classically best to go with booze is the pork. Sticky Pig (RM 19.90) serves pork ribs stewed, and then grilled to perfection with toppings of caramelized apple and sticky sauce. The lovely match of coriander bundle is more than a delight although the rub of marinate is not intense. Being a fan of strong herbs, this one stole my heart with the rich bundle of corriander.


4.Eight Avenue Publika


The meat and their reasonable pricing are quite the draw here. So if that is not porky enough, how about the Pork Scallopini (RM 28.90) with lush cuts of grilled pork tenderloin poured with some creamy mushroom sauce and then nutritiously balanced with my favourite pea sprout. Those young shoots were perfect with the mushroom sauce.


5.Eight Avenue Publika


Also dizzyingly flavorsome is a good cut of nicely seared plump fillet of salmon, still juicy on the inside with a crisp skin and presented very beautifully on asparagus. The Sunny Salmon (RM 24.90) was indeed looking bright and joyful with cauliflower bacon sauce and sundried tomatoes.


6.The Eight Avenue Restaurant and Bar Publika


When it comes to pasta, either you are a traditionalist and love your pasta’s flavour inside out; there is a good range to offer. But that instant pick that caught my eyes is the trendy vege pasta, this one here eliminating the carbs with zucchini instead. Tossed in basil pesto Portobello mushrooms and sundried tomato, this Zucchini Pasta Doppelganger (RM 24.90) maybe a cheat to the eye, but this no carb pasta commonly served at comfort of home dining surprisingly made it onto the menu.


7.The Eight Avenue Restaurant and Bar Publika
8.The Eight Avenue Restaurant and Bar Publika


While some is worth every cent off your wallet, there are always a few that maybe burning a hole at it and that I am referring to the Pulled Pork Tacos (RM 29.90) and their dessert, the Angela’s Passion (RM 17.20). Both were delicious, only too ordinary to be charged at that pricing. The first is easily put together with soft Tacos and chili con carne to go with the braised pork shoulder, and the later has very little banana stewed in Passion fruit purée which was almost nonexistent, and covering that with chocolate mousse and vanilla ice cream.


9.The Eight Avenue Restaurant and Bar Publika
10.The Eight Avenue Restaurant and Bar Publika
11.The Eight Avenue Restaurant and Bar Publika


I am happier with their enthusiasm and attitude mainly because the service was polished and overwhelming friendly. Our Manchurian cauliflower was on the house when I was contemplating so much between the choices of my starters. Over on their booze menu, the well-chosen wine list is for rich people (little below RM 90). Try to avoid the excessive richness, order the right things and you’ll have a great time.


Click HERE for their menu


The Eight Avenue Restaurant and Bar is located at:
D2-G3-03, Solaris Dutamas
Kuala Lumpur 50580
Tel: +60 12 407 7045
Business Hour: Mon- Sun (12pm-12am)
GPS: 3. .17141, 101.66497


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