Kilo Grill Barbeque Restaurant @ Publika Solaris Dutamas


For the ultimate barbeque in Publika, head to Kilo Grill. Sit with the smoke and sizzle and oil, thanks to insufficient ventilating ergo a surely need of shower and hair wash right after the meal. At the same time, enjoy the seemingly endless supply of lettuce and a limited assortment of banchan. Order the produce from farm and harvest of sea accordingly and cook them yourself over the table barbeque, using charcoal.


1. Kilogrill Publika


Pickled sides with particular of spicy cabbage being the essential to accompany a feast of barbeque were unexciting. The sides were less spicy than expected, but the buffet meats and seafood was good enough to compensate. For meat eaters, grilling meats at the table is fun but most importantly eating barbeque buffet can be real satisfying especially when doing so with a huge party.


2. kilogrill

Side dishes


Be sure to give the Grill oysters and Scallop skewers a try. These fresh seafood arrive at your table’s grill and while taking control of the grill, be sure to not over cooked the Mackerel Fish. And then watch those fresh Tiger Prawns turn into beautiful bright red as it cooks on top of the grill.


3.Kilogrill Publika

Grilled oysters

4.Kilogrill Publika

Mackerel fish and Scallop Skewers

5.Kilogrill Publika

Tiger Prawn


Today’s winner with all spotlights on it has got to be the Mackerel fish. This fresh and beautiful piece of mackerel was juicy and moist with a crispy crackling from the skin.


6. Kilogrill

Mackerel fish


Beef and Pork add to the platter when you order their homemade Sausages, Pork Bacon, and Pork Belly. With or without marinating, these juicy barbeque bites are delicious when the soft lettuce leaves wrapping a bite-sized piece of grilled meat combines for the perfect balance.


10.Kilogrill Publika


11.Kilogrill Publika


7. Kilogrill Publika


8.Kilogrill Publika

Pork Belly

9.Kilogrill Publika

Sausages, Octopus, Squid


While it resembles Korean BBQ, this grilling restaurant offers so much more than just meats. This all you can eat buffet is priced at RM 49.90 nett on weekdays and RM 59.90 nett during the weekend. Making a reservation is strongly encouraged. I waited for about 20 mins or so. Here is their menu; the selections are fantastic but most importantly the fresh turnover made their serving a very good impression.


kilo grill menu


Kilo Grill Barbeque Restaurant is located at:
Publika Solaris Dutamas A2-UG1-01
No.1 Jalan Dutamas 1,
50480 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603-6419 0811, 011-23577701 (after 3pm)
GPS: 3.17062,101.66485


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