Manmaru Robatayaki & Bar @ Atria Shopping Mall


Manmaru Robatayaki at Atria is quite the definite highlight in the mall when it comes to fine Jpanaes cuisine. Apart from their famous Udon, this year be ready to experience a tantalizing combination that shows off both the expertise of servers who cook and the ingenuity of the chef. This Izakaya-style bar and restaurant easily seats about fifty at anytime with their outsized dining floor and private function room to cater special occasions.


1. manmaru
2. Manmaru Atria
3. manmaru


When it comes to cocktails, first thing in mind is always the colour as well as those elegant cocktail glasses for sure. It is like fashion show with each runway being the bar with its own collection to showcase. Here at this runway, is featured their glamorous and sophisticated beverage starting with the lovely Smoke & Plum Galazy (RM 39), followed by Kiwi Caipiroska (RM 35) and Apple Gravity Beer (RM 28).


4. manmaru
5. manmaru


Incredible looking cocktails aren’t the only crafts this time around because we also sampled some of the finest is the house. Started with Chef’s Signature appertiser, each assortment seated on a long plate with sampling portion in sequence to prime yourself for dishes that’ll follow. Starting from fried sweet potato, wagyu beef, strips of fried grilled unagi , sashimi, sweet tomato salad and aloe jelly.


6. manmaru chef's special
7.manmaru chef special


Using the most authentic produce, Momotaro Salada (RM 18) uses imported tomato from Japan to enfold chunks of crab filament salad. The result of this combo, fresh sweet savoury, chilling refreshing, and absolutely hands down, is a killer dish for tomato lover.


8. Manmaru @ Atria -momotaro salada


When it comes to creativity, Manmaru Robatayaki is remarkly adept at importing ideas from nature and turning them into masterpieces. Check out this beautiful dishes; Coral Bash Salada (RM 36) and Salmon Ikura Millefuille (RM 45), with fried baby crabs outshining as the center of this narration. The first sits on a bed of potato salad while the later is caught fishing on an island of salmon ikura.


9. manmaru atria-coral bash
10. manmaru atria-Salmon Ikura Millefuille (RM 45)


Sail on with another masterpiece Gyoza Kawa Age To Maguro Salsa (RM 28), as you travel in search of a treasure of maguro salad with mainsail fried gyoza wrappers. Such fun creativity they have there.


11. manmaru atria-Gyoza Kawa Age To Maguro Salsa (RM 28)


But coming back to the core and essence of what diners seek in Japanese restaurants, fresh ingredients and sincere serving. True sashimi aficionados will appreciate the freshness found in the selection of fish and it is pretty straightforward right here with the fresh flown in from Japan displayed over the bar. I am guessing choices would be subjected to availability. The Chef Special Combination (RM 68) and 7 Types Sashimi (RM 210) both showcased very straightforward, labeled with seasonal prices.


12. manmaru atria
13. manmaru atria
14. manmaru atria


The much celebrated Wagyu Roll (RM 68) wasn’t exactly their best-kept secrets, with rice inside it the puffy looking presentation was also a triumph. This tasted every bit as good as it looked.


15. manmaru atria


Sashimi isn’t the only sea harvest you can find here at Manmaru. Saba Steak (RM 38) here is stacked atop soft shell crab and although fail to see the bridge between these two in this dish, the saba cooked at perfect timing was fabulous. Also eminently satisfying was the Wafu Spaghetti(RM 48) where you get a mellow fresh flavour of crab, sweet and fragrant all over the pasta, together with delicate taste of the prawn.


16. manmaru atria
17. manmaru atria
18. manmaru Atria


If you want something meatier, there is everybody’s favourite Japanese skewers and these, Yakitoris were incredibly plated it is so ridiculously amazing to blow your mind. Perfect as communal serving with assorted texture and flavours as well as of course, the fresher edge to the presentation.


19. manmaru @ Atria


And there is the very well execute, piping hot and ample in portion fish wrapped in paper, served on a hot plate with a burst of lovely aroma bursting from the wrap upon being cut opened. I am a fan of cheese, so this Sakana Kami Yaki (RM58) is quite the winner of my trophy.


20. manmaru bar @ atria


If rice is what you must have and sashimi is your love, take note of the 8 type Sushi Moriawase (RM 80). Nigiri toppings are sliced great, and the quality is impeccable. Lobster Roll (RM 88) is that crazy reign over any lobster roll I’ve had, with the enormous serving and neat visual touch up with ebikos.


21. manmaru @ atria
22. manmaru @ Atria
23.Manmaru @ Atria


Of course, Deconstructed Tiramisu and some fruits (also beautifully plated) serves as dessert but my favourite has got to be their rendition of Coconut Ice Cream.


24. Manmaru @ Atria


Now whether it’s a steaming bowls of ramen noodles, super-fresh sushi or whatever that is worth exploring, you’ll find them on their menu. But if you asked me, this is the place to truly experience omakase – that’s leaving everything to the chef’s (capable) hands.


Manmaru Robatayaki & Bar is located at:
G-26 Atria Shopping Mall,
Jalan SS 22/23
Damansara Jaya
47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Facebook :
Tel: Tel: 03-7733 1038
Opening hours: 10am – 10pm
GPS: 3.127175,101.61658


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