After Black @ Sunway


Sunway is the next blooming area for coffee and cafes and the latest addition is one that benefits the students at the Sunway area. Strategically adjacent to the college campus, students can walk and have some varieties when it comes to their meals. Services can be a little slow but given more time and manpower, the crew should be able to get fluent with the operations.


1. after black @sunway


Filling the place with wood and steels painted in theme black after the café name; After Black, the entire café would be pitch dark inside out if it weren’t for the large glass panel. Lamps and pendant bulbs lit up the place when it gets dark and endowed tranquility to the café.


3. after black


Single origin is currently not yet available but the house blend (Colombia & Brazil if not mistaken) is clean and sweet with tact nutty and creamy flavour that is so prefect to showcase their signature drink, the Rosa Latte (RM 10.90). Fragrant and aroma of this slowly lingers with feminism and is absolutely amazing for calm and quiet alone time.


4.after black @ Sunway (10)


Highly recommended on a hot day (pretty much every other day here in Malaysia), is the Iced Mocha (RM 11.90) that has that perfect balance of sweetness and chocolaty aftertaste.


5.after black @ Sunway (32)


Of course, coffee enthusiast may prefer their caffeine source to be served hot. Prices ranged reasonably between RM 7 – RM 13, and if anyone wants to know, barista has a good free pouring skill so all latte art are beautiful.


6.after black @ Sunway (7)
7.after black @ Sunway (9)


The non coffee drinker can go for the Fresh Pressed Lemon (RM 7.90) and Lemon Yakult (RM 7.90)


8.after black @ Sunway (11)
9.after black


Menu was simple and serves at a rather decent range of prices. There are pasta choices with modest portion selling at affordable price. Simple and deliciously tossed with garlic sliced, olive oil, parsley and button mushroom, Aglio Olio Pasta (RM 5.90 ) fuses herbs, imparting lovely flavour to the spaghetti.


10.after black @ Sunway (23)


Menu infuses mainly Japanese and Western fusion and tuned to the local palate. Signature dish Plain Black Rice (RM 4.90) showcases natural black from squid or cuttlefish ink and added with sesame and very tiny bits of dried cuttlefish pellets to enhance very mellow flavour of ink fish.


11.after black @ Sunway (21)


There are plentiful cheese baked dishes with mushroom in it. If baked mushroom is your thing, Cheese Baked Mushroom & Broccoli (RM 11.90)is lovely with complement of milky from cheese and the earthy aroma of mushroom.


12.after black @ Sunway (18)


The plump slice of Grilled Salmon with Mint Tomato Sauce (RM 24.90) with salad and tobiko is a delight and was a generous portion. Mint tomato sauce is very delicious and refreshing when accompanied with the grilled salmon.


13.after black @ Sunway (14)


Desserts are always pretty and they sell very chic looking desserts. Soft Tofu Cheese Cake served in jar is pretty enough for photography and admiration, alas was a little bland.


14.after black @ Sunway (5)


Set meals are available with alternative of either pasta or rice to go with one main dish selection. It is a good deal and I must say, is a good place for meals.


after black @ sunway (review at )
after black @ sunway (review at )


(Photo Crafts ‘The Café’ )After Black is relocated to:
23, Jalan PJS 11/9,
Bandar Sunway, 46150
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-5613 2868
GPS: 3.067888, 101.603194


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3 thoughts on “After Black @ Sunway

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  2. Ciana

    Are those lavender flowers on the Iced Mocha, Soo Yin? =) I always love it when a café has cheesecake (I don’t usually pay much attention to the variety or type – as long as there’s cheese inside, lol) and coffee under the same house. It’s a place worth recommending to friends. ^^


    1. sycookies Post author

      Lol. Ok I wouldn’t recommend this cheese tofu if you are the Cheesecake kinda person. Their food was very decent and good and that rose latte was really good. Probably one of the best in Sunway.



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