Wetzels Pretzels


Pretzels originated from Europe and according to wikipedia is even regarded as having religious significance for both ingredients and shape. Using very simple ingredient, the pretzels are great especially for snacks or quick bite. I extremely love pretzels especially when freshly baked and to be eaten while it’s hot. I bet we all have auntie Anne’s in mind when thinking of pretzel. Some bakeries and patisserie sells pretzel but truthfully, fresh and hot pretzel stands are rather limited.


wetzel pretzel


The latest addition to pretzel stands is located in Sunway Pyramid at where the ice skating rink is. When passing by, one can’t help to slow down when the beautiful aroma wafting in the atmosphere while they baked their pretzels in the spot. And like the rest, this pretzel brand also sells several flavour but in order to taste the original flavour and texture, I asked for original pretzel, lightly flavoured with salt. This California based chain opens their first in Sunway Pyramid and it was loterally hot and awesome. Love the texture very much and I do appreciate the light aroma that lingers and roam when chewing it.


wetzel pretzel (2)


There are other flavours with the most popular one being sour cream and onion for savoury and the cinnamon for sweet flavour. Available in ala carte or one can choose to top some money to make it a meal with a beverage.


wetzel pretzel (1)


Just FYI those who dislike the shape of pretzel can go with the bites. The wetzel pretzel is located at:
LG2, Sunway Pyramid, Petaling Jaya (Near McDonald’s at the ice skating rink)
Tel: 03-7493 5073
GPS Location: 3.071889, 101.605757
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mywetzelspretzels


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3 Responses to “Wetzels Pretzels”
  1. Koh Kian Fai says:

    it smells dam good sometimes when walk pass it


  2. Nick Chan says:

    When I think about Pretzels, I think about Aunty Anne’s! HAHA, now there’s something else to try.


  3. ciki says:

    I love the savory ones.. makes for a great snack!


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