Lekor King @ Melaka


Lekor is no longer something new or strange to many of us but it has somewhat evolved with fusion style to fulfill and please the palate of many. Simply because creativity and special creation appears to appeal and stand out whilst at the same time triggering the interest of gourmands, lekor is no longer plain and served with chili sauce only.


Here I am discovering the Lekor King when I reviewed the Klebang Coconut Shake . Located right at where the famous queue takes place in Klebang, this stall might not stand out too much especially when the scene is usually stolen by the ridiculously line of people waiting to purchase the coconut shake. Owner is pretty friendly to help when it comes to decision making. The lekor wasn’t easy to purchase because you’d first have to decide on a flavour. Yup, different flavours of lekor. Selling in the range of RM 3.50-RM6, the box of lekor comes with flavourful sauce as topping on top of pieces of bite sized thick lekor that is lightly crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside.


1.lekor king
1.2 lekor king (9)


The idea is pretty simple, with the main ingredient being the lekor slices and the aroma and texture obviously makes eating very desirably and joyful. Plus the topping, it was really amazing eating it while hot. Only that I’d wish they had changed their oil a bit more frequently. Recycled oil tent to leave a lousy after taste in your food so this was pretty obvious especially when it is no longer hot.


2.lekor king (4)


The clever mix of sauce choices was worthy of appraisal and I was told this one is the best seller. With 3 different sauces; mayonnaise, cheese, and chili sauce, they complement each other.


3.lekor king (7)


The aroma and heat while it’s hot compliments one another and brings out the flavour of cheese at the same time melting them thus making the lekor somewhat smooth and luscious when eating it. However, when prolong eating time, leaves the pieces of lekor soggy and undesirable in both texture and taste. All in all, it was a brilliant and bold attempt and with a bit of fine tuning, would be greater but nevertheless still quite some snack if you ever drop by Klebang for the overrated coconut shake.


4.lekor king (11)


Lekor King is a stall located along Jalan Klebang (where Klebang coconut takeaway booth is located):


Jalan Klebang, 75460 Melaka
Tel: 016-956 7338
GPS: 2.215151,102.206362
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/LEKOR-KING/


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4 Responses to “Lekor King @ Melaka”
  1. Koh Kian Fai says:

    did you try lekor with wasabi mayo ? XD in USJ de hahah


  2. Nick Chan says:

    Lekor with different kind of sauces, why I didn’t think about it before?!!! But it’s really very cool and will check it out some day!


    • sycookies says:

      I know…It is totally creative and these guys should be getting some credits. I’m not sure if they are the first. But it’s obviously my first time seeing this.


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