Kip Mart now in Melaka

Hypermarkets, supermarkets , departmental stores are plenty and no longer strange and unusual in Malaysia. Community market on the other hand is rather rare comparatively to the usual malls we are all very familiar with. Kip Mart here runs with the concept derived from the idea of a market for community where , traditionally seen in small towns or townships, a wet market would be surrounded by many stalls and shops operated by local small and medium traders. They sell daily family needs, from fresh products to kitchen utensils, clothing, electronic and electrical products and more. Follow up from huge operators or hypermarkets coming into local retail business, replacing substantially the local small and medium traders of the olden days hence not only causing displacements of local traders, but loosing the tradition of wet market.


Here in the peaceful town of historical and heritage, Kip Mart opens opportunities to local traders and provides a different shopping experience for the local community.


Kip Mart by itself do not trade but instead is a host developer to manage and group small traders, providing them with a facilities to run businesses. At the same time organising events and awareness for shoppers. Hosting wet markets, home and household needs, along with service providers like telos etc as well as food stalls and restaurants, it is a place solely to fulfill the essentials in our daily life.


The grand opening took place on labour day 2014 but I manage to check out the place prior to that, during the unofficial opening. Of course, many traders were still getting ready for the grand opening but I already look for where to get food and fresh ingredients. The food court seemed promising with stalls offering a fair variety to cater to all, making this another plus point for whole family shopping experience. Marry Brown attain to already operating and seemed pretty popular among the rest within the mart.





There are many other retails and service providers to cater to the needs of local and neighbourhood patrons and what matters most is the quality of food ingredients as they were promising and looking good when I visited the mart.





The Kip Mart Melaka is located at:

Jalan Tun Fatimah, Bachang, 75350 Melaka
Tel: 063366233


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One Response to “Kip Mart now in Melaka”
  1. The Yum List says:

    I much prefer a smaller community market over a giant supermarket any day. It seems that the supermarkets are more convenient though with ability to pay via credit card and parking available too.


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