Samplings On The Fourteenth’s Christmas menu @ Berjaya Times Square Hotel


Christmas is this joyful festive where in culinary, the magical quality of love at first sight strikes when attending the tasting event at the Berjaya Times Square Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. This Christmas eve, Samplings On The Fourteenth Restaurant attributes an entire course of fine dining servings beautifully plated to put a smile across your face when enjoying the line of exquisite dishes. Specially designed by Chef Val, the meal sets in with top class services, and overlooking the captivating view of Kuala Lumpur at the fourteenth floor to instantly position dinners at immediate tranquility. Almost perfect for the special festive.


19.sampling on the 14 (2)


The huge pendant light from the ceiling crafted majestic and posh layout yet chic at the same time, perfect to lounge and treat your palate with their attractive and tantalizing offerings.




Dining at Samplings on the Fourteenth Restaurant is always satisfying. Services were ensured their best possible and the smile on the faces of their staffs are always warm and welcoming. The feeling of comfort is the same as their buns although I’d appreciate consistency. I recall fluffier texture the last time I had them.




This four course meals begins with starters so beautifully plated. The freshness of ingredient absolutely justified the beautiful plating and as I always said, the essence and key to perfect dish comprises of a mix of brilliant recipe and good ingredients. This one was absolutely stunning and memorable, and definitely a great choice to kick start the meal. There is the appetizing Smoked salmon and prawn salad with tomato tart and lemon choice vinaigrette where the flavour compliments one another pretty compatible to bring out the best of one another.




The prawn was worth much admiration as the Chef cleverly blends the texture of different components into one. Tomato contributes to the moist and juiciness while there is crisp along succulent and al dente from the prawn. The prawns were amazingly done, with enough resistance to teeth to momentarily stop just right before a gentle chew.




Served next was the Pumpkin Soup served warm and beautifully rich with intense fresh pumpkin with a dallop of sour cream. Despite slightly huge in portion and slightly brine leading to a slightly relenting finishing, I was in cloud nine after the first taste and instantly polished this thick and luscious soup in no time. The generous use of pumpkin in this soup is absolutely venerable.




After this was the entremets to clean the greases to get the stomach ready for next excitement. Minted Watermelon Sorbet was a brilliant flavour to mark the end of starters, presented with just the right hint of culinary glamour. No doubt, it is still an appetite stimulant which maybe a little short of mint in my opinion but refreshing at the same time.




After successfully remove lingering flavours from the mouth, the main was then enjoyed with a fresh perspective. Chef Val had three mains to host and I can totally understand the difficulty to have to pick from these three. The first would be the stunning Christmas Roast Turkey. What is Christmas without turkey? Blending tradition with new discoveries, this one is served with bacon wrapped sage and onion shuffling, roasted potatoes, buttered Brussels sprouts and carrots with cranberry and apple sauce. It may not be the best to my liking but the buttered Brussels sprouts were amazing.




Also available to create more contemplation in picking the desired main would be this Slow Roasted Lamb Shank with Rosemary Jus with parmesan polenta instead of the conventional mash potato and grilled baby vegetables. I really like the flavour combination in this one plus the gorgeous texture of parmesan polenta.




The slow cook preserves the sweetness and juiciness while the rosemary masked some portion of the gaminess in lamb making this a fantastic dish to pamper your palate.




The last choice is the Pan Seared Cod which I totally salute and agree with everything possibly done by the chef. A clever masterpiece with such simple main ingredient, served with potato and leek mash, wild mushrooms, cured cherry tomato and olive tart with saffron nage which in my opinion was the wow factor. It was fantastically thicken when broth is reduced and matching that with the plump serving of very fresh cod to match the natural sweetness of cod fish.




End the meal with Chestnut Mille Feuille as dessert. I fancy the puff pastry layered with chestnut cream although I would appreciate it a lot more if there is a more intense flavour of chestnut. This one’s served with orange-flavoured Christmas pudding and cinnamon ice cream. Cinnamon fan would fall heads over heels when tasting this ice cream. I assure you that.


14.sampling on 14-Chestnut Mille Feuille (4)


Lastly, pick Coffee or Tea and Christmas holiday tradition must of course include Christmas Petit Four. This petit four nibble was an indulgence in sweet fragrant and tempting, smooth flavours of chocolate and orange.


18.samplings on 14-Christmas Petit Four (1)


This beautiful course sells at RM 158++ per adult excluding wine pairing. The festive holiday mood comes alive almost very instantly after the food tasting and this obviously reminded me that I have lots of preparation yet to be done for this Christmas. pairing


The Samplings on the Fourteenth Restaurant is located at:
14th Floor, East, Berjaya Times Square,
1, Jalan Imbi,
55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: 03-2117 8000


Note that the all day Big Apple Restaurant will be running an X’mas all-day buffet line up at Rm108++ (adult) and Rm58++ (child) this Christmas eve . Also, pre-order your takeaway turkey at Rm298++ (3-4kg), with minimum 2 days notice in advance. And on Christmas day itself, a festive spread of brunch goodies will be made available, priced at Rm75++ (adult) and Rm38++ (child).
And on the 31st of December, there’ll be a buffet of international cuisine with a series of food stalls with lots of varieties at Rm108++ (adult) and Rm58++ (child). There will also be a New Year’s Eve countdown party at the Broadway Lounge with lots of goodies and fun.


Click here to book a reservation online, via TABLEAPP


For reservation:
Big Apple Restaurant: 03-2117 8133
Broadway Lounge: 03-2117 8127


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