I’m Spicy (and deliciously hot too! )


I’m Spicy is not only spicy as per say in flavours instead they are really spicy with the choices. The menu is really HOT when you look at it. The restaurant sells a great variety of authentic Thai street food. Run and manage by Thai native, the dishes and communication amongst the staffs themselves would make anyone felt as if they’ve arrived in a mini Thailand. The waiters and waitresses served the customers very politely. If tranquility and comfy is what you seek in dining experience then this is a good spot.


1.i'm spicy (34)
2.i'm spicy (35)


The panels of tall glasses channels natural light into the restaurant while the black ceiling is keeping the lights toned to the perfect coziness. Parking bay is a tedious issue at this area and with neighbours like Grind and Kanna Curry House; it makes it even more of a headache at peak hours.


3.i'm spicy (33)


The food was really flavourful and everything was to my liking and very tasty. The dishes are very exciting because it is not often we get Thai street dishes in a restaurant. Most importantly, the restaurant is not halal so the choices of dishes are more extensive compared to most Thai restaurants in Malaysia. Beginning with their Deep fried chicken skins (RM 12) which is amazingly crispy to my surprise and awesome when dipped to the chili sauce accompanying this. The fat layer beneath the skin was removed before deep frying so the skins here are really thin and not greasy at all.


7.deep fried chicken skins RM 12 @i'm spicy (12)


Next is theHouse Specialty serving at RM 20. This plate comprised of some lettuce, kuey tiao, cilantro and the very awesome minced pork and deep fried crispy lards.


4.specials RM 20 i'm spicy (49)


I wouldn’t have known how to properly eat this if it weren’t for Khun Sermsuk who patiently teaches us everything it is about the street food in Thailand. Supposedly this is to be consumed like the Korean BBQ. A fresh leaf wrapping all the other ingredients in it and consumes while wrapped and folded.


5.specials RM 20 i'm spicy (46)


For something less oily, we had the Papaya Salad (RM 12) which was very juicy and refreshing to balance the oil from the first starter which basically swims in a pool of delicious oil. There are shredded green papaya, dressed in lime juice, dried shrimp, green beans, garlic, and carrots served fresh in this one. The lightly tangy and sweet taste makes a great appetizer.


6.papaya salad RM 12 i'm spicy -Green papaya salad dressed in lime juice, dried shrimp, green beans, garlic bird's eye chilies and cherry tomatoes served fresh or deep fried


More pork in their dishes and the menu is prepared in such it is very suitable for individual or solo meals as well as communal eating. The Pork tom yam noodle soup was one that is irresistibly delicious with explosive spiciness, following appetizing acerbic flavours which lingers and roamed on your palate long enough for you to remember the flavour.


9.kway teow Rm 12 i'm spicy (18)


Taste the umami flavour in the soup and consume it while it is hot would really anesthetized your tongue and trigger that sweat gland. It was nothing close to fiercely hot but it was spicy enough to excite the palate.


8.pork tom yam kuey tiao i'm spicy (6)


Another delicious spicy sensation is the Belacan fried rice which doesn’t quite have much of the belacan flavour instead, just decently flavourful but fun to eat with all the beautifully prepared condiment relishing and garnishing the serving at the same time. Check out the chili api.


10. belacan fried rice RM12@i'm spicy


The proper way to eat this is to slowly mixed in the garnishes into the rice and let the hot rice force the aroma of each raw ingredient to combine with the fried rice. I think it is quite decently balanced when there are vegetables together with meat and rice in this one. This one sells at RM 12 and might be slightly overpriced for such simple ingredients.


11.belacan fried rice RM12@i'm spicy (1)


The Stewed pork leg with rice serves as a decent individual meal with more meat and vegetables serving. The stewed pork leg was juicy and tender while the rice is shaped into a heart shape. In which I truly appreciate all the tiny efforts in making this serving looking prettier even though I wouldn’t acknowledge this effort being successful. This one is perfect for those with low or zero tolerant to spicy. Having said that, it was still served with some soup.


12.stewed pork RM12 @i'm spicy (14)
13.stewed pork RM12 @i'm spicy (15)
14.stewed pork RM12 @i'm spicy (16)


Their Green Curryset comes in an individual claypot with some white rice. The gravy was thick and nice to go with white rice. Instead of doing solo on this, I recommend sharing this. It is too much to finish this off all by yourself. The chicken in it was nicely cook at the right texture but too much of meat can make one surrender pretty fast.


16.green curry i'm s[icy 2 (19)


The Phad Thai is the Thai version of char kuey tiao. Selling at RM 12, there is dried shrimp, ground peanuts, eggs and bean sprouts with lots of beautiful garnishing.


17.phad thai RM 12 @i'm spicy -dried shrimp, ground peanuts, eggs and bean sporuts


The House drink is also something one should be looking forward to as well. It is a refreshing blend of ice, pandan, lime, mint leaves, and lemon grass. Not to forget the blended ice that adds on to the awesomeness of this slightly sweet and refreshingly tasty drink.


18.i'm spicy house drink RM 15 per jug-a refreshing ice blended mix of pandad, lemongrass, lime and mint leaves (5)


Their desserts were nothing too impressive or memorable; as a matter of fact the only delicious dessert was their Mango with Sticky Rice. Selling at RM 10 and nicely decorated with slices of ripe mango into a heart shape. It was pleasant to look at and pleasant to devour.


19.mango with sticky rice RM 10 @ i'm spicy (26)


The Tub Tim Krob was a total disappointment and I think it lack so many essential in this delicacy. I am guessing they ran out of jackfruit. Since the rest was pretty good so far, I am thinking to give them the benefit of doubt and that I should give it a second chance.


tub tim krob @ i'm spicy (27)


For the first time, I tried this dessert called the Thai Cendol in which the term cendol lift up a lot of expectation on this one. I did not recall this on the street in Thailand. Alas, it was way underwhelming and I doubt if it is the correct version? There were some sago, some pineapple cubes and lots of syrup in it.


21.Thai cendol RM 6 @ i'm spicy (25)
22.Thai cendol RM 6 @ i'm spicy (27)


I’m Spicy is located at : (same row as Kanna Curry House)
1, Ground Floor, Jalan 17/45
46400 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Tel: 03-7954 2281
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/imspicythai


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10 Responses to “I’m Spicy (and deliciously hot too! )”
  1. Choi Yen says:

    The House Specialty is really special with the presence of kuey teow ~


  2. The Yum List says:

    Catchy title!


  3. great balance of dishes that you guys had! the salads look refreshingly healthy, the curry looks sinfully tempting 😀


    • sycookies says:

      Actually, all I can remember are those minced pork and fried lardons. They are really really crispy. So I really don’t recall the healthy dishes… *blush*


  4. Heard about this restaurant for the longest time but never been there. LOL! I think it’s slightly overpriced right? But the food looks yummy! : )


    • sycookies says:

      Depending on how you look at it actually. Certain things are indeed overpriced while the rest would still be acceptable if not reasonable. But overall are slightly skewed towards somewhat overpriced so must order the right thing.


  5. Ken says:

    The house specialty seems unique to me and look at the amount of bird eye’s chilies on the plate of belacan fried rice! must be fiery hot!


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