Japanese BBQ (Gerai Makan Japanese BBQ ) @ Plaza Faber


The Gerai Makan Japanese BBQ is one place for the great experience for BBQ especially with big appetite and beautiful weather with some cooling breeze. They are located at the back alley of Plaza Faber right at the center court and enclosed within some shop lots and flats. It would be difficult to locate or even spot the stall if not observant enough but with so many people talking about it, this place is no longer news to most of us.


1.bbq plaza faber (63)
2.bbq plaza faber (64)


Selling very simple meals and offering the hands on experience to cook and grill your own food actually adds on to the thrill of dining at this place on top of the good food served.


2.2bbq plaza faber (4)
3.bbq plaza faber (36)
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Pork was lovely and so is the beef. Because you are your own chef, you control the degree of doneness.


10.bbq plaza faber (58)
10.1 bbq plaza faber (62)


The meats are fresh and simple, nothing too fancy while they also offer things like salmon wrapped in aluminum foil ready to be baked on the burning heat of the charcoal. Forget about the salmon really, it was nothing to shout about unless if you must have salmon.


6.bbq plaza faber (20)
7.bbq plaza faber (28)
8.bbq plaza faber (34)


The mushroom that I ordered was good as it is so that’s something worth ordering as well.


9.bbq plaza faber (27)


The ingredients used are definitely fresh while it is managed by the same people from the Sanuki Udon. Being the master of noodles, this place also sells Japanese noodles for those who cannot bear to wait for the meats to cook. The ramen was moderately amazing, not the best of quality but comforting enough to satisfy hunger and palate at the same time.


11.bbq plaza faber (8)


Here is the Pork Meat Soup, all ready to go as a communal starter and perfect for sharing when eating in a big group.


12.bbq plaza faber (16)


Trust me on this, the experience would be two times more fun when doing this with a bunch of your friends. The place is very simply laid and very casually comfortable while highly relying on the weather to affix more joy to the entire dinning process.


13.bbq plaza faber (67)


Here is the menu for those who are curious with what else is served.


14.bbq plaza faber


The Japanese BBQ (Gerai Makan Japanese BBQ) is located at :
Center Court, Plaza Faber
Jalan Desa Jaya
Taman Desa 58100 Kuala Lumpur
Opening times: 6pm till late (Close on Mondays)
GPS Coordinates: 3.102233, 101.684533


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18 Responses to “Japanese BBQ (Gerai Makan Japanese BBQ ) @ Plaza Faber”
  1. ulric says:

    I prefer the smoke-free environment at Maruhi Sakaba nearby…dare u to try their small intestine carpaccio…hahaha 😛


  2. The Yum List says:

    I bet the food has a great taste from the fire.


  3. Choi Yen says:

    Been here once, food was ordinary , it’s just about the experience!


  4. really nice pics! think you really captured the unique feel of this place and its protein-packed fare! 😀


    • sycookies says:

      Thank you Sean, I think meat lovers would really love this one. Lol! I’d like more veg on their menu. I enjoyed the place very much. Especially when accompanied with beers and good friends.


  5. KY says:

    this place is pretty neat, too bad my stomach is bigger than my wallet for it. :S


  6. pohkemon says:

    Ohhhh..they got some many new thing!! Must go again ♥


  7. CleverMunkey says:

    So many nice makan places in Taman Desa it seems. Yeah I seen this in other bloggers review too but yours with more details. Will order that mushroom for le gf… time to hunt down this place! 😀


  8. Ken says:

    I’ve seen this in Choi Yen’s blog before, yea, agree with you, this place is awesome! Love your photos too, all are well-snapped 🙂


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