Good Breakfast and latte @ That Latte Place


Like the warmth of sunshine, the latte place radiates optimism and joy and I truly believe that good food can come from everywhere. Hidden within the Pusat Seni & Galeri Yayasan Seni building off jalan Ritchie KL, this place beautifully slows down your footsteps as it allows you to be taken aback, relax and take a moment to enjoy God’s creation. The beautiful breezes along with the ambrosial aroma of coffee wafting and gently roaming between green branches is like a happy murmur of delights as the frangipani flowers beautifully falls next to you.


0.1.that latte place-latte (2)


Hutted within many plumeria plants, sunlight travelling through the gaps of leaves and beautiful frangipani flowers tenderly lights this place till evening right before dusk. I absolutely love the open seating and the natural sunlight.


0.that latte place (61)


The hot stuffs include very few ingredients crafting into several breakfast dishes. The Hearty Breakfast sells at RM 17.90 and comprises of chicken sausages, hash brown, scrambled eggs with mushrooms, tomatoes and baked beans served with homemade toast.


1.that latte place -hearty breakfast RM 17.90 (4)
2.that latte place -hearty breakfast RM 17.90 (2)


The House Egg Ben comes with a choice of double or single serving both priced at RM 17.90 and RM 12.90 respectively. The poached eggs are ordinary but when topping with their signature Hollandaise sauce, tasted better on top of the sautéed potato cubes and fresh salad served by side. The pull factor is the thick toast which is admirable although I would prefer smoked salmon over the slice of ham between the egg and toast.


3.that latte place -The House Egg Ben  RM 12.90 s RM 17.90 d (2)
4.that latte place -The House Egg Ben  RM 12.90 s RM 17.90 d (4)


The fluffy Omelette filed with feta cheese and sautéed mushrooms, served wit homemade toast and fresh salads sells at RM 11.90 and is fantastic especially when fresh mushrooms instead of canned are used. Thumbs up for that.


5.that latte place-Omelette RM 11.90 (2)


Hot Hazelnut Milk at RM 7, Hot Chocolate at RM 9, Hot tea served in pot (choices of chamomile, jasmine, earl grey, green tea, and English breakfast) at RM 5, and Latte selling at RM 8. The prices were pretty reasonable.


7.that latte place-latte (1).
8.that latte place (42)
9.that latte place - Hot tea RM 5 (6)


The essence of indulgence at this place would be the total absence of cars within few meters of proximate. Quietness and calmness over relatively decent breakfasts are served till 4 pm.


10.that latte place (10)


That Latte Place is located at :
333 Persiaran Ritchie,
Off Jalan Ritchie, 55000 Kuala Lumpur
Phone:016-850 3546
Locate them on GPS: 3.159108, 101.74026


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13 Responses to “Good Breakfast and latte @ That Latte Place”
  1. Ciana says:

    That’s some cool coffee there! It looks so relaxing…. xD


  2. Choi Yen says:

    Been eyeing for this place since I knew about it because Sam can run happily here 😛 However the food doesn’t look great 😦


    • sycookies says:

      Oh must get few more of Sam’s little friends …I’m sure kids would enjoy it. Must pick the right weather thou. I’d like to meet Sam one day.. 🙂 Well, the food is…um..breakfast lor. Egg is egg, tomato is tomato…potato is potato…(If u know what I


  3. thammelissa says:

    Here, the breakfast looks nice! Big portion oso.


  4. Anonymous says:

    looks very promising, hope to try it out soon! 🙂


  5. kellysiew says:

    Lovely furniture at this place. The big breakfast looks pretty good.


    • sycookies says:

      Yes, and everything is very simple. I guess simplicity’s what makes it great here. Their eggs are fresh, and the bread slices are pretty memorable.


  6. Ken says:

    What a place! Nice latte art, with perfectly poached egg, best of all, the price is quite affordable too! Hearty Breakfast sounds like a decent choice either considering the choices, shall mark this place down on my list, thanks! )


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