Blazing Hot @ Fierce Curry House


Living up to their name, they surely are fierce with their extensive choices of authentic Indian cuisine. The pull factor is none other than the practice of dum pukht, which takes a long time by means of very low flame in sealed silver pot. And that I am referring to the briyani rice which is prepared using dough to seal the individual pots to retain the essence of flavours, keeping the moist and steam from escaping.


0.fierce curry -briyani (1)


With an assortment of selection for the briyani, they certainly are awesome enough to be shortlisted Best Cheap Eats and Best Indian of the Time Out KL Food Awards last year. The aroma of the rich spiced briyani and chicken instantly triggered the saliva gland as tearing the dough to remove the lid when it was wafting though the steam.


8.fierce curry -briyani (6)_


The rice was harmoniously accompanied by fiercely hot curry and vegetable dishes. When the fragrant from the briyani meets the powerful flavour of the curry, it was a pièce de résistance. The hustling from the surrounding momentarily freezes for that few seconds before I greedily dug into my meal.


9.fierce curry -briyani (2)_
6.fierce curry -dahl and chicken curry (2)_


Of course, we must not cut short the signature dish when representing the Indian Cuisine. Banana leaf rice is probably on top of the list when referring to the Indian cuisine. The Fierce Curry House did not fall too far behind ferocious when serving the banana leaf rice.


1.fierce curry -banana leaf rice (4)


Serving beautifully on silver plates with cut out banana leafs beneath each dishes did not represent authenticity of this dish, but it is inevitably neat and clean looking. The dishes were supple to compliment the otherwise underwhelming and least impressive white rice which was too hard to my liking.


4.fierce curry -banana leaf rice_
5.fierce curry -banana leaf rice (3)


Next in line is the Fierce Tandori Chicken which was amazing when the lime bring out the flavour of the tasty pieces of chicken. The chicken had a perfect moist which tantalizingly addictive to polish every single piece of bones within the chicken.


7.fierce curry -tandori chicken_


Certainly living up to the name of the restaurant, I must admit the spicy level is slightly above majority Indian restaurants in town. But fear not, as the beverage covers a variety of Malaysian favourite as well as authentic Indian recipes.


10.fierce curry teh ais, nescafe ice


Having looking ordinary on the outside, every nook in this restaurant is decorated with effort to please dinners and creating comfortable zone for customers to enjoy delicious Indian dishes.


2.fierce curry (24)
3.fierce curry (26)


Presented with a bold signature on the shop facing the road, it is not difficult to miss this exciting sensation. I am returning for the Lobster Briyani in no time so let’s watch out for the burning excitement very soon.


11.fierce curry (31)


The Fierce Curry House is located at
16, Jalan Kemuja, KL, 59000
Tel :019-383 0945


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13 Responses to “Blazing Hot @ Fierce Curry House”
  1. I’ve heard a lot about this place but have not had the chance to go there yet…Definitely on my radar 🙂


  2. great pics of the temptations here! i’m aiming for the legendary lobster briyani someday too! and i really like how the folks who run this place are passionate and friendly and genuinely care about satisfying their customers 😀


  3. CleverMunkey says:

    not really a big fan of briyani but the Fierce Tandori Chicken looks good! 😀


  4. this post made my mouth water. yum!


  5. thammelissa says:

    I miss eating banana leaf rice with lotsa curry gravy on my rice. hehe….


  6. KY says:

    lotsa good reviews on this place, I gotta get my ass there one day 😀


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