One 6 Five


Cafe One 6 five is probably one of the worst restaurants I have ever reviewed in a long time. Having entitled to RM 100 worth of food and beverages, I couldn’t bring myself to proceed with anymore orders after the third dish. one 6 Five


First off is the Salmon fish steak which sells at RM 19.80. To begin with, the Salmon is served in the most pathetic size I have ever seen on any serving plate. Secondly, the salmon is horrible and I was really worried that I would probably get food poisoning after the first bite. I didn’t bother finishing the rest cause I was really worry I’ll get food poisoning from the fish fillet.


2.Salmon fish steak Rm 19.80  @ cafe one 6 Five (14)


Next is the Fish & chips selling at RM 10.80. The taste of the deep fried fish fillet was not too bad, but too bad the fillet slice was so thin and stingy.


3.Fish & chips Rm 10.80.  @ cafe one 6 Five (12)


Then I decided to try the oriental menu so I picked the chef recommendation, but was told that some ingredients were not available hence they were unable to make that for me. I went with the Sizzling claypot yee mee instead. Selling RM 7.80, I thought it was quite a fair price given the ambience and the location. However, it was not extraordinarily delicious or outstanding.


4.Sizzling claypot yee mee Rm 7.80 cafe one 6 Five (20)
5.Sizzling claypot yee mee Rm 7.80.  @ cafe one 6 Five (19)


Even the cappuccino and tea was ordinary but yet overpriced for something so ordinary. The cappuccino tasted really bland even for someone who does not appreciate caffeinated drinks. With RM 4.20, I recommend using that amount of money for a can of soft drink instead. one 6 Five (6)


The cafe one 6 five was nicely decorated with posters of their signature dishes. One must not be fooled by those pretty photos. But the seats and lightings are quite comfortable. one 6 Five (5) one 6 Five (3)


In case anyone doubts the standard in this restaurant and would like to check them out, it is located at:
46GF, Jalan Puteri 2/4 ,
Bandar Puteri Puchong,
47100 Puchong Selangor
Tel: 03-80519165


I wish them best of luck and I am real sorry but you can’t pay me to return to this place. The food is not bad in taste, but I appreciate the cook to maybe put in a little more effort in selecting fresher ingredients. It is almost like there is no passion what so ever in cooking. If indeed giving up, please have some courtesy to not try and poison the customers with lousy food.


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22 Responses to “One 6 Five”
  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for this review! Now I know not to waste $$ here…


  2. suituapui says:

    Love the look of the noodles…


  3. Charmaine says:

    Ewwww…. lost appetite already…. that salmon throw to ppl can die


  4. ugh,,,i really hate it when ‘chefs’ try to cover their pathetic dishes using fries. And the portion of fries here is also pathetic. So, bad to worse.


    • sycookies says:

      Now that you’ve mentioned…so that’s a way to hide horrible dishes… And just so you know, those fries didn’t taste all that awesome. McD can do better.


  5. thammelissa says:

    Oh my! The Salmon Fish Steak and Fish n Chip…the look, the size…I think food court can serve better than this wor…


  6. Ken says:

    oh so sorry to know your bad experience, but the fish doesnt seem appetizing at all, especially the fries LOL!


  7. siewwei says:

    the fish is really pathetic. haha.


  8. taufulou says:

    normal loh.. some outlet in puchong there, they usually gulung tikar within 9 months. . realy don understand what they thinking 1 ..


  9. Choulyin says:

    Goodness…the serving size is pathetic 😦 I wouldn’t come to this place either…


  10. PerutBesi says:

    Wah! Freaky man…I wouldn’t wanna have a meal at such restaurants…if it’s so expensive for the portion served, I won’t wanna bother d. Thanks for the info!


  11. kellysiew says:

    Yikes! These people shouldn’t be allowed to run this business


  12. Yikes. It’s definitely scary to encounter not-fresh fish. I haven’t had food poisoning in years (touch wood!), but it would be a shame if this outlet doesn’t realize that there’s no point serving customers stale fish…


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