Malaysia’s Home Cooked Dishes @ Mum’s Place


Mum’s place has all this crazy dishes that would almost drive you nuts when looking at their very homely and localized dishes. With the very extensive choices of poultries, vegetables and seafood, I would say the dishes are real suitable for communal eating but not individual or solo eating. The mix of choices is somewhat a whirled up combination of Chinese, Malay, and Nyonya dishes. Starting with the Protugese “Devil” Curry which is not entirely devil. In contrary, it was lovely tangy spicy selling at RM 16.80.


1.mum's place -Protugese “Devil” Curry RM 16.80 (1)_副本


Followed by the Fried Cencaru Fish with Chili Padi Paste and Petai, this one doesn’t have very complicated flavours. But the petai would be distinguish and outstanding along with the piquant gravy paste.


2.mum's place -2.Fried Cencaru Fish with Chili Padi Paste and Petai_副本


Next is the Lemak Kuning Pedas Prawn which sells at RM 29. The flavour is great with lots of spicy sensation. The prawn lack freshness so that did not quite make this dish a star that night.


3.mum's place -Lemak Kuning Pedas Prawn RM 29_副本_副本


This Fried Otak-otak Cubes served with Thai Sauce is a good dish for appetizer. Selling at RM 16.80, the cubes are addictively tasty with the cube size just nice for bites.


4.mum's place -Fried Otak-otak Cubes served with Thai Sauce RM 16.80 (2)_副本


To balance off the meal with some plants, the Daun Keledek with Lime Juice, dried Shrimp and chili padi is great at RM 13.90. Very mildly spicy despite the chili padi in it and instead the lime juice enhances the dried shrimp flavour and brings out the sweetness in this dish.


5.mum's place -Daun Keledek with Lime Juice, Dried Shrimp and chili padi Rm 13.90 (1)_副本


Also similar to that is the Four Angle Beans with Belacan or with garlic. Also selling at RM 13.90, this could be slightly pricier given how this dish is so commonly sold everywhere else at a lower price.


6.mum's place -Four Angle Beans with Belcan or with garlic Rm 13.90 (1)_副本


And as mentioned earlier, the whirled mix of dishes comprising of many choices which happened to also include some for those who do not fancy piquant flavours. There is the Steamed Taufu with Minced Chicken (RM 13.90), “Foo Yoong” Tan (Chinese-Style Omelete)(RM 13.60), and the Steamed Egg (RM 13.60).


7.mum's place -Steamed Taufu with Minced Chicken RM 13.90 (3)_副本
8.mum's place -“Foo Yoong” Tan (1)_副本
9.mum's place -Steamed Egg RM 13.60 (1)_副本


The Fried Honey Sotong was a little hard and tough when I tried it, and if is supposed to be as such, then I absolutely would not order this again when I return. This is priced at RM 16.80.


10.mum's place -Fried Honey Sotong RM 16.80_副本


With a wide selection to cater for dinners, the restaurant also have sweeter dishes like the Honey chicken which would inevitably leave a smile on any child after eating this. This dish sells at RM 16.80.


11.mum's place -Honey chicken RM 16.80 (2)_副本


For those with fond memories of authentic home cook soup, here is where you get a taste of it and would be blissful after the meal. The Lotus Root Soup with Groundnuts and Chicken Fillet sells at an affordable price of RM 14.80 per portion and every portion serves up to 4 pax.


12.mum's place -Lotus Root Soup with Groundnuts and Chicken Fillet RM 14.80 per portion serves 4 (3)


And lastly some ice flakes of Cendol with red beans for RM 5.90. With generous amount of red beans, and rich Melaka coconut sugar hence makes this as a refreshingly sweet and great dessert after such delectable meal.


13.mum's place -Cendol with red beans RM 5.90_副本
14.mum's place -Cendol with red beans RM 5.90 (2)_


Mum’s place has got this huge space which keeps dining so pleasurable. The decors at each corner are absolutely charming and creatively exploited into partitions to create privacy for dinners. One of the rooms is filled with pictures and old memorabilia which palpably add few dashes of character to this otherwise very blandly themed colour of the restaurant.


15.mum's place (13)
16.mum's place (9)
17.mum's place (63)


The Mum’s restaurant is a great place to introduce the local home flavours under one roof. With the bright signage, it is easily spotted. Also, the parking bay is easily available around the restaurant.


mum's place


Mum’s place is located at :
33-1 Jalan PJU 8/5a,
47820 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03-7727 8443


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9 Responses to “Malaysia’s Home Cooked Dishes @ Mum’s Place”
  1. Choi Yen says:

    I think the otak-otak is flavorful enough and no need the dipping 😛


  2. that’s quite a sweeping spread! mmmm, the lotus root soup, the fried cencaru and the veggies do remind me of the nice home-cooked fare that my grandmother used to make, back when we were all younger 😀


  3. thammelissa says:

    When I saw the title..I thot you were refering to ur mom. hehe…
    But the food,…indeed looks like our home cooked dishes…


  4. The Yum List says:

    Oooh, I’ve heard about this place. Your pics are making me want to visit.


    • sycookies says:

      You can try it out…they are not too bad. Very much the local flavours . And I reckon this a good place to try most of the local home cooked dishes.


  5. Cindy Tong says:

    wow not bad arr all the home cook dishes….but not too unique for me…mayb it will be good for family gathering..


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