Bamboo Noodle @ Nippys Noodle


According to the Nippy Noodle, the bamboo noodles originated from China during the early 1990’s in the province of Guang Zhao, Hong Kong and some parts of Asia. Traditional method of making noodles have long been forgotten as the traditional methods has given way to the modern machines. Here at the Nippy’s noodles, they claimed to go back to the heyday where bamboo noodles is the old description for the wanton noodles.


1.nippys (2)


Premium Flour and omega eggs are combined to make their noodles perfect without addition of other forms of liquids. This gives better aroma and fresh eggs to the noodles also gives a great flavour.


2.nippys (3)


Many important things are taken in to consideration in making their noodles. Things like the size of bamboo where it has to be the right diameter contributes to making good noodles, neither too hard nor soft. According to them ancient Chinese Kitchens makes noodles comprises of 36 skills. Making bamboo noodles is one of these skills.


3.nippys (9)


Having said that, the restaurant is designed in a way where they exhibit the making of the noodles inside a glass room. If you are waiting for any bamboo action, sorry to disappoint you but there are no bamboo in it. Instead, expect some shinny machines and a couple of staffs weighing the noodles.


4.nippys (40)
5.nippys (20)


The noodles are still great; with superior texture one would enjoy chewing it. On top of that, the meats are sufficiently tasty to warrant a return to the restaurant. The roasted and barbeque pork is nicely sliced to the right proportion and all of it done to the right texture that is not only luscious but juicy at the same time.


6.nippys (7)


There are few combinations or types of porks or wanton whichever is your preference. Nippy noodle promises that all their products are made passionately and detailed. The prices range from RM 5 to 10 depending on what’s ordered.


7.nippys (13)
8.nippys (16)


The restaurant is sufficiently comfortable for a decent meal, but the traffic and availability of parking bays may be quite some challenge.


The Nippy’s Noodle restaurant is located at:
25 Jalan Kuchai Maju 7,
Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park,
58200 Kuala Lumpur
Phone:03-7982 1781


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8 Responses to “Bamboo Noodle @ Nippys Noodle”
  1. thammelissa says:

    The noodle texture looks nice. Thin and crunchy!
    Moreover the ‘siew yuk’ has crispy skin..doesn’t look dry either


  2. CleverMunkey says:

    such premium ingredients, i’m sure the wantan mee they produced must be really good and it’s not too expensive as well 🙂


  3. Ken says:

    love the shots, i am a huge fan of noodles, especially this kinda springy noodles, it’s not easy to find a decent one in Penang though


    • sycookies says:

      Thank you. I’m surprise that it is hard to find one in Penang. But Penang has got so many other good food… Let me know if you visit KL, I’ll take you there.


  4. missyblurkit says:

    This is one of our regular haunts since its quite close to our home and I love the texture of the noodles:D


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