Seaweed Popiah


Popiah (also known as the spring roll) originated from China and is usually eaten as snack in between meals or appetizer ever since migration happened. From time to time there are many types of popiahs mostly rolled with the thin popiah skin. There is the Chinese spring roll with cooked julienned turnips in it, and those that is deep fried to have that crunchy outer layer. The Vietnamese have their own version of rice rolls and whatever you call them, these rolls are really delicious, simple to prepare, and healthy given the amount of vegetables in it.


The authentic popiah skin is an art and a masterful skill. The skin is much like paper and a little stretchy and bouncy and is made from wheat flour. The method to produce these skins are really tacky and one needs to practice long to master the perfect technique. Here is a video I do not own, showing how popiah skin is done. Credit goes to Albert Jang .



My latest addiction is the seaweed popiah. Rolled like regular popiah, with another layer of the entire sheet of crispy seaweed, this of course must be consumed almost immediately. Using thinly julienned carrots and turnips, raw salad leaves special mayo sauce, ground nuts, my favorite corns, and some chili and tomato sauce, together with the seaweed, this combination is refreshingly tasty.


2.seaweed pohpiah (28)


Wrapped with plastic to make sure seaweed is crispy. But I say consume it right away. This one is spotted in The pasar malam in Taman Desa. But I’ve seen the stalls elsewhere. Should I spot them anywhere else, I would share them on my facebook page. =)


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18 Responses to “Seaweed Popiah”
  1. Doris Fong says:

    Hi Ms Soo, I am interested with this seaweed popiah. Do you by any chance know who is the supplier. I understand it is a lady. I have a group of Single Mums are thinking to setup a stall to sell this as one of our business opportunities.
    Hope you will be able to obtain the contact for me.




    • sycookies says:

      First of all, thank you for visiting my blog. The closest I can get you is in subang jaya ss15 (restaurant kwai san). There is a stall which is there on daily basis, so chances would be higher for you to get any further info regarding this business opportunity instead of having to tail the night market which could be inconsistent. Also, I am not too sure if the stall owner is there on daily basis and since you most probably won’t be able to get much info from the worker, you might have to make a few trips or a couple of phone calls to get your answers.Good luck and all the best to the moms.. Do not hesitate to ask if you need anything else. I hope this helps.


  2. missyblurkit says:

    Taman Desa pasar malam! Looks like I have not been visiting the night market often enough. Not too keen ever since they moved to the current spot.


  3. I want this! Love seaweed popiah too!


  4. Angie Teh says:

    such a great choice for my diet plan, healthy yet taste great ^^


  5. CleverMunkey says:

    definitely a healthy delicacy! Too bad le gf doesn’t like to eat seaweed


  6. TheJessicat says:

    Seaweed popiah! pretty unique to me cos ive never had any of those before!


    • sycookies says:

      I know right. I’m not sure if it is a new trend. But I recently see this around kl. I first discovered it in Mlk about half a year ago.


  7. thammelissa says:

    This is the first time I’m seeing popiah wrapped with seaweed. Moreover it does not ommit the popiah skin. Sounds nice


  8. The Yum List says:

    I do like the sound of that. A bit of extra nutrition.


  9. what a cool creation! i’ve not seen seaweed popiah anywhere, but now i’m gonna keep my eyes peeled, especially if i’m in taman desa 😀


    • sycookies says:

      Sean, they are all over any pasar malams…and in one of the hawker stall in ss15. If I’m not mistaken it is called restaurant kwai sun.


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