Eat and Drink China : Famous Shanghai street food


They said the Chinese eats everything. I couldn’t agree less with that statement and I do find their food interesting. The street foods in China are pretty fascinating as well if you ask me. There is an array of varieties but the popular ones would be their steam bun. It seems to be available in almost everywhere. Apparently, Shanghai Pau is definitely so much better in taste and textures in Shanghai itself rather than anywhere else in China. That is of course very much subjected to my own taste bud anyway. Besides, I have not tried all steaming Chinese Bun from all over China. Who knows there could be better ones elsewhere?


1.@shanghai street stalls (1)


And apparently, dumplings are something that is always available in any part of China for almost all year long.


3.@shanghai street stalls (4)


Chinese in China are a big fan of pork. Popular street snacks are all made of pork. The fact that most comes with minced pork, it kind of hold me back a little when it comes to tasting their minced meats.


2.@shanghai street stalls (3)


What I found fascinating me was this steaming bun with straws stuck right in the middle of the bun. If you think it looked steaming hot and just as you are carefully taking that lovely sip, you would realized that it’s best to take a big hard sip cause the owner of the stall mentioned that’s how you’d enjoy them most. If you like something with pan and wok fragrant, go for the pan fried ones.


3.@shanghai street stalls
4.@shanghai street stalls (2)


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11 Responses to “Eat and Drink China : Famous Shanghai street food”
  1. I love xiao long bao! Love sucking the soup out. Yummy! But this one with the straws there? First time seeing this! LOL!


  2. missyblurkit says:

    I will certainly slurp it out and loud! Quite a novelty too!


  3. suituapui says:

    Those must be the xiao lung pao…and you drink the soup inside using the straw. I guess they poke the straw after steaming? I still do not think that’s a great idea – plastic with the hot soup inside. I, for one, am not a fan of xiao lung pao as I am not crazy about the strong ginger taste of the soup inside. Give me the other dim sum favourites – I’d go for those anytime.


  4. Choi Yen says:

    The pan fried one looks so oily~~~ >.<


    • sycookies says:

      Surprisingly they are not..I’m gonna try and find if there is something similar to this here. I think the closest we get is the pan fried dumpling thingy right?


  5. kellysiew says:

    I have a weakness for dumplings of any form! Would have loved to try all the True blue Shanghainese dumplings.


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