Kraft’s Quick Snack


It is so important to give the right energy source to the little ones for these sources indirectly contribute to their learning progress by giving the right nutrient stimulant in growing up. Studies shows that a hungry kid would not be able to concentrate in learning processes and that is crucial for the little ones because all learning be it through fun or work is an experience for them to build the right character and attitude. According to Grantham-McGregor SM, et al. (1999), food would play a significant role on cognitive and behavioural development in children.


Many parents or guardians often neglect this when they fail to see how energy source plays any part or role in growing up. As a matter of fact, nutrients, food source and energy source play equally important roles in both growth and development of body and mind. Parents are usually too busy or over relying on their day care centre or pre nursery schools.


Recently, I reviewed some interesting and fun products from Kraft and I thought it was a brilliant idea to come up with more convenient packages for the little ones in school. I tried the Dunkers and Lunchables and I find them real convenient and easy.




The Dunkers have three types just to add on a little more variety and fun to food for kids and perhaps some adults. There is the breadstick, nachos, and mini cheese crackers handily packed with dipping cream cheese in a pack.




I am a little concern with the storage and spoilage issue. The usual microbio freak here is thinking about these products being not too ideal to be left outside the fridge temperature for too long. Take the Lunchables for example, there is ham or chicken with cheese crackers. As long as they are all properly sealed then I supposed we should not be too paranoid with trying to identify the bacteria. If we handle our food correctly then they would be safe for consumption.




It might look small in portion but I am guessing it would be quite filling for a quick snack and fuel recharge. Not to mention I had quite a bit of fun staking the hams and cheese slices. =)




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Grantham-McGregor SM, Fernald LC, and Sethuraman K. 1999, ‘Effects of health and nutrition on cognitive and behavioural development in childrenin the First Three Years of Life. Food Nutrition, Vol.20, pp. 76–99



16 Responses to “Kraft’s Quick Snack”
  1. missyblurkit says:

    Cute and convenient. Never knew they had so many variants in KL now!


  2. suituapui says:

    Ah! Handy packs. Will look out for these. Good for “emergencies”. 😉


  3. Charmaine says:

    Ham and cheese??? Sounds like I’m gonna love them!!


  4. Wilson Ng says:

    I have not attended their events for years but I still like to prepare it on my own.


  5. The Yum List says:

    My niece and nephew absolutely love creamed cheese. I’m not convinced though that these are the healthiest snacks for growing bodies.


    • sycookies says:

      I believe there is lots of preservation so this might not be the healthiest, but it’ll definately get the kids looking forward to their break in school.


  6. lonelyreload says:

    lol, that’s was a cute eating~ XD


  7. oooh, i’ll keep a lookout for the dunkables. that sounds tasty, and i like creamy dips. i have fond memories of kraft’s, but my childhood memories are limited to the kraft cheese slices for our bread sandwiches. nice to see their range has expanded to some fun choices! 😀


  8. thammelissa says:

    Lunchables is so cute! Somehow reminds me of ‘playdoh’…hehehhe…..


  9. Choi Yen says:

    Don’t know that there are so many new & convenient products are in the market now especially the chicken & cheese package!


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