Restaurant Bah Kut Teh Fook Hin @ Sri Kembangan


My usual foodie buddy told me that Foodeverywhere should venture to Equine Park. There is this area where there are many famous restaurants with many reviews online. One of which is those Bah Kut Teh shops. This place with lots of shops that sells almost the same thing according to reviews online. We decided to go with Fook Hin since it seems to be getting quite a bit of reputation, and I honestly have no idea yet of which one is the best. fook hin  bah kut teh equine park_副本


Upon entering the restaurant, both Juwin and I instantly got hooked and attracted with the amount of clams in the tank. My craving for the Shiong Tong Lala instantaneously prevails and that was the first thing I ordered despite our ultimate agenda which is Bah Kut Teh. fook hin  bah kut teh equine park (2)


For some reason, the clams lack natural sweetness of fresh seafood, and the entire dish was disappointedly bland. On the other hand, the Bah Kut Teh wasn’t that bad. This saves their reputation from the disappointment at the first dish. fook hin  bah kut teh equine park (3)


The ingredients were generously luscious for 2 people and the distinct diversity between the usual and the ones here is that it is served with quite generous amount of meats and innards. Also, instead of simple iceberg lettuce leaves, the pot is served sprinkled with coriander. fook hin  bah kut teh equine park (6) fook hin  bah kut teh equine park (5)


Then followed by the Salted Mantis Prawn and I didn’t quite fancy it. For some reason, this restaurant has got one major problem keeping their seafood fresh. The clamp was already a disappointment with both the taste and the freshness of those clamps and these prawns seemed to have the same problem with the freshness. The cooking method was okay, I love the crispy deep fried prawn shell with all those flavours of slight spicy and salty. However, the freshness is off. Total boo at that. fook hin  bah kut teh equine park (7)
foodeverywhere headline 2


This place is simple, and caters quite an amount of dinners too. Really neat and acceptable level of hygiene. I have no idea of what’s with the whole combination of seafood dishes and Bah Kut Teh. But they should probably focus on one. fook hin  bah kut teh equine park (10)


But then again, it is probably the cultural palate of residents around this area. Reason being, almost all the restaurant s here is this combination. fook hin  bah kut teh equine park (11) fook hin  bah kut teh equine park (12)


When looking at these tanks, I can’t help but to wonder if these are those ingredients served on our table. Absolutely off the fresh level. fook hin  bah kut teh equine park (14) fook hin  bah kut teh equine park (15)


With the benefit of doubt, I might revisit but chances would be rather slim.


Restaurant Bah Kut Teh Fook Hin is located at:
15, Jalan Aman , Sri Kembangan
43300 Selangor
Tel: 03-8941 7611, 019-2117718
(Restaurant closes from 3:30 pm- 5:30 pm)


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18 Responses to “Restaurant Bah Kut Teh Fook Hin @ Sri Kembangan”
  1. ulric says:

    Eh…dunno wat happened…I m quite a frequent visitor to this resto…though mostly for dinner…they specialise in ‘sang yue’…it’s good along with their kam heong Japanese ‘heung lor’…normally we dun order their BKT =)


  2. Eunice says:

    i love bkt. very much…. i think they should really focus on one cuisine rather than mixing seafood n bkt together so tht ppl will knw wht they specialised in


  3. Charmaine says:

    Too bad that the seafood is not fresh… I quite like Shiong tong Lala!


  4. Wilson Ng says:

    Well, I guess they should stick with BKT. It is sad to see how well they parade the seafood and yet the outcome is the opposite.

    To be frank there are a lot of restaurants in Seri Kembangan area but only a handful is good. The rest are mostly overrated. Thanks for the honest review.



  5. Melissa says:

    The mantis prawns looks yummy! The sizes were not too small oso.


  6. mmmm, it’s been many weeks since i last satisfied my BKT cravings. will try to make sure that i have some for february, heh 😀


  7. Poh Huai Bin says:

    I passed by this place just last week while sending a friend back!

    I didn’t know they have mantis prawn. I have a severe weakness for them and this one looks great! 🙂


  8. suituapui says:

    The BKT looks good and the rest of the dishes too. I hear that those things in tha tanks may have been there for a long time so they would have lost the sweetness – no so nice anymore.


  9. kellysiew says:

    I don’t eat seafood much especially those that come from these tanks, it’s like eating their family members right in front of them 😦 BKT looks really good with plenty of ingredients, perfect for a rainy day like today. Yum!


    • sycookies says:

      Lol!! Eating their family members infront of them…quite true.. Seafood is good only if they are fresh..otherwise it would be rather pointless even if the cooking method is awesome. Hartamas has got one that’s pretty simple and fresh. From a stall… are u aware? Cause mont kiara not much chinese food ya… 😦


      • kellysiew says:

        Oh I think I know which one you are referring to. Yeah the choices in MK is pretty limited, you have steam room (mediocre) and then probably Food village in Publika (decent lah). Not complaining though, we have suki ya and sushi zanmai! Hahaha


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