Starbucks Drive Thru @ North-south highway


According to PETRONAS, a new “first of a kind” twin stations has been launched on the 5th of December last year. Situated along the PLUS highway, the station is uniquely designed to offer customers with very differentiated services and experiences. The station has been outfitted with solar Photovoltaic panels and has the ability to generate approximately200kWh of electricity equivalent to the average power consumption of 90 households per annum!


That is not as cool as their Food as they also cater Subway, Chatime and Hot and Roll. North-South highway travelers are so blessed with this. Those long and board journey is now a little more colourful with the availability of more food choices. That is only half as exciting as the Starbucks drive thru. Located approximately 500m from the UPM intersection along the north-south plus highway, the drive thru is not hard to locate.




The café is nicely designed with a very spacious ambient for a relaxing rest over long and tiring haul of drive. Although, the parking spaces might not be that convenient due to the high rate of traffic and cars that pulled over…




Like other Starbucks outlets, this one comes with their merchandise and on top of that, friendly staffs that would flash that darlie smile at all time. Simply cheers up and lighten up your tired journey.




The only drawback about this place would be the long waiting time despite a drive thru. I timed from when the order is taken till when I got my Hot Chocolate, and it took about 15 minutes altogether.




Having said all that, those anxiety and frustration during the wait instantly fades off upon the first sip of my favourite Hot Chocolate.




Happy driving !




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Approximate GPS location: 3.006149,101.724966




9 Responses to “Starbucks Drive Thru @ North-south highway”
  1. Simon says:

    “The station has been outfitted with solar Photovoltaic panels and has the ability to generate approximately200kWh of electricity equivalent to the average power consumption of 90 households per annum!”

    Wah, that would mean no need to provide electricity to the pit stop there, and maybe even excess to give back to our TNB grid. COOL!!

    Hmmm, where is the exact location of the station so I can have a look. Also wonder how much is the cost of the photovoltaic panels??


  2. ooo, this could be a nice stop to stock up on caffeine to keep me alert while driving back to malacca for balik kampung, heheh 😀


  3. there’s one Starbucks drive thru too!

    but it’s located at not-so-convenient location lo :((( how nice if it’s near to USM here 😀


  4. suituapui says:

    The shelf filled with collectibles reminds me of the one in Wellington.


    • sycookies says:

      I think the outlets in malaysia would have all the same thing. Hmm….there is one in hong kong that is different. Now that you mentioned…I realised I’ve not been any other starbucks elsewhere..doesn’t cross my mind to check starbucks out when I am else where… Lol. Must make it a point to go take a look next time.


  5. thammelissa says:

    I noticed it too when I pass by this highway. I thought that’s cool! To have a drive thru Starbucks. But 15 minutes for a cuppa drink..kinda long hoh.


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