Taiwan Recipe @ IOI mall


Taiwan Recipe Restaurant is a sister chain outlet to Little Taiwan which serves halal Taiwan dishes. The outlet in IOI mall is very strategically suitable for those who want a quick bite or delicious snack menu. The two however is really different as this one serves pork in their dishes.


To begin with, the Special Combo was somewhat looking super tasty and tempting from the menu. The actual dish itself was not horrendous but it isn’t to my liking. There is no fried scallop so it definitely is a dish that is not served as illustrated. Nonetheless, what can go too wrong with anything deep fried?




All items in the combo were deep fried to golden brown and to name a few, there are spring rolls, fried wanton, corn melts, and some fish ball. We were promised scallops on the menu but it wasn’t delivered on the dish when it arrived. Both my sister and I had it anyway. My first bite was the corn melt. Everybody knows how much I like corns, so without hesitation I took a big fat bite. Later to regret it as it was not too pleasing with the taste. There were a lot of custard and very little corn. Hence the flavour and fragrant of corn was very diminutive.




The rest to come was not impressive in any way too. Those skewers of all these deep fried items sold in local night markets would probably be so much better than this. The only thing not disappointing on the plate is probably the raw salad right in the middle. And no, I am not kidding.




The next order that arrived was the famous Taiwan Mee Suah. It is a type of Chinese noodle made of wheat flour instead of rice or mung beans. This Taiwan dish is authentically served with fresh raw oysters in mee suah cooked in thick starchy broth. However, here in Taiwan Recipee Restaurant this dish comes with no oysters but chicken instead. The Chicken Mee Suah tasted exactly like the usual except the oysters are replaced with succulently diced chicken breast.




And moving on to the Prawn tempura rice set, the prawn was thankfully fresh. Four tempura prawns served with shredded cabbage and topped with some thousand island sauce. The idea of the chef’s tempura prawn is not our usual crispy coated flour but the similar or probably same flour used in their deep fried chicken chop. The similarity was right to the chili powders spotted on it. Those in love with the taste and flavour of Taiwan fried chicken chop would appreciate this a lot but in contrary I have a different perception of tempura prawn. I thought it heavy and thick as oppose to light and crispy.




The set comes with the usual Taiwan minced pork rice, soup and some authentic Taiwan side dishes. The minced pork is not the best I have ever had but is rather palatable.




The soup is pleasant to go with the set and it made the set meal moderately wonderful and pleasant. The side dishes too wasn’t the most interesting I have had but there are certain resemblance to very authentic Taiwan side dishes.




This stuffed cherry tomato with sour plum was really very authentic except the portion of sour plum is really ridiculous. The exact same thing in Taiwan would be really luscious and generous. The combination of mildly sweet cherry and tantalizing acerbic flavour from the sour plum is incredibly appetizing.




And lastly my favourite of the day, their new item on the menu-Sweet Osmanthus flower tea. This flower itself has a pleasant floral aroma. And when blended with the tea leaves produces pleasing and sweet fragrant at the same time. And watching the flower petal moves inside the jar, the tea looks really pretty too.




The Taiwan Recipe in IOI mall is a convenient place to dine and the location of the shop is so perfect for those in a rush or hurry to catch a movie, for the cinema is right next to it. The restaurant is spacious, comfortable, and peaceful and all services come with a pleasant smile.




Most importantly, the place is neatly clean and comfortable to dine. The food might have a lot of room for improvement but the dining was comfy and soothingly calm.




Taiwan Recipe is located at:
ET8 & ET9, 3rd Floor, IOI Mall,
Batu 9 Jalan Puchong Jaya
47170 Puchong
Selangor Darul Ehsan
Tel :03-8075 0322
Website: http://www.taiwan-recipe.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/TaiwanRecipeMY


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4 Responses to “Taiwan Recipe @ IOI mall”
  1. missyblurkit says:

    Not eaten at Taiwan Recipe for some time but yes we stop by for drinks. Love the Sweet Osmanthus flower!


  2. I simply cannot have my Taiwan Mee Sua without oysters….though the prawn tempura looks nice… 🙂


    • sycookies says:

      Maybe some people cannot accept the texture. Cause what is funny is the taste and flavour of the starchy noodle still taste like normal oyster taiwan mee sua .


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