McDonald’s Mc Cookie

Arnott’s already very well known with their popular and familiar products like the TimTam, Shapes Crackers, Scotch Finger, some Tiny Teddy, and more. I think most of us would have grown up with it or still growing with it. Whether you like it or not, they have been dominating quite a fair bit of products on the shelf when you do the casual grocery shopping. In Australia where the manufacturer remains, Arnott’s made some really cute McCookie which I thought is really fun for kids.


1.@mc d lamb and cookie


Sold in a box of fun that is similar to those of the happy meal boxes, it didn’t sway far from McDonalds usual concept of fun boxes. Apparently there is this little origami you could work with the box for more fun.


2.@mc d lamb and cookie (1)
3.@mc d lamb and cookie (7)


Nicely packed and sealed in proper little packs inside the happy fun box, I think it also make great lunch box for kids at school.


4.@mc d lamb and cookie (18)


Promising fun in those cookies, they are all brilliantly shaped with all McDonalds characters. There is Ronald of course, and the Grimace, Hamburglar, Fry Kids, Mayor McCheese and many more. These butter cookies were tasty just like those good old Arnott cookies.


6.@mc d lamb and cookie (17)


What can I say, I’m really lovin it! And I certainly hope that McD Malaysia would have this real soon.
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Love Sycookies



8 Responses to “McDonald’s Mc Cookie”
  1. Kyril Soulx says:

    OMG its so cute! I really hope Malaysia have it soon =D


  2. thammelissa says:

    That’s very cute! Too bad its not available here…else I will buy it for my niece….and myself! haha…


  3. Ciana says:

    Hey, thank you for swinging by my blog The Tempremental. =)

    That’s so nice of Arnott’s.


  4. iamthewitch says:

    I had this before in Sydney. The cookies were nothing special, but it’s the fun that came with it I guess. I got to fold an origami frog! 🙂


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