Garden Café @ Sunway Pyramid


All year long, summer-like whether in Malaysia often leaves wanting cooler temperatures. And when it comes to dining, many wouldn’t say no to garden café. Honestly however, an actual garden café is not easy to maintain for we might have to keep an eye on those rainy clouds every now and then. Plus, on a regular hot day, it is probably preferably to be in the air conditioned café. The Garden Café made this brilliant indoor café, of which most of their outlets were located inside a mall. I decided to visit the Sunway outlet and I must say this isn’t their best outlet even though I find their value meals at real value at RM 10.90 for a main and soup. Speaking of soup, let’s not get side tracked and focus on the food and ambience instead.


1. @garden sunway (18)


The Smoked Salmon Salad is a RM 16.90 fresh smoked salmon with mixed green and balsamic vinegar that was rather ordinary. So ordinary it is prominently a safe choice for those whom are often clueless when it comes to deciding on salad. I didn’t like the presentation of this dish as it looked absolutely different from that in the menu and that sort of disappoint me a little when it was served. As for the taste, it wasn’t all that impressive either.


3.Smoked salmon salad RM 16.90


I am not going to judge base on just one starter so I tried the Creamy vanilla Pumpkin soup as well. This dish is a good choice for vegetarians. The flavours of pumpkin and vanilla are blended perfectly to give that creamy and fragrant taste. However, it might have been due to the whole value meal menu, the soup tasted somewhat rather dilute and bland to me.


2.Creamy vanilla pumkin soup RM 9.90


Speaking of vegetarian, the famous vegetarian Tofu Burger was impressive in the very beginning right before the last few bites when I dig in to find myself a strand of hair. The staff did try their best to apologise which I accepted because it was really unpredictable and things like that happens sometimes. And because it happened when I almost finish the entire burger, they did not waive this dish from my bill. It wasn’t a very smart move if you ask me.


4.tofu burger @ garden RM 15.90 (4)


The burger is served with sides of thick crinkle cut fries, as well as very little salad leaves. The tofu patty did have a fantastic flavour but the texture wasn’t really my kind of thing. It would have been better if they have the outer crust slightly crispier for better textures. So the patty is already mushy and moist, the toppings is tomato puree with lots of fresh tomatos and green leaves only makes the combination worst. But I guess the price is somewhat reasonable to be selling at RM 15.90.


5.tofu burger @ garden RM 15.90 (1)


The mains have got a whole range of choices. But I am thinking fish so I’ve selected the Sea Bass(RM 18.90). This black pepper seasoning pan seared sea-bass is accompanied with chunky pumpkin mashed, vegetable ratatouille, and served with Beurre Blanc sauce. The fish was nicely pan seared while the sauce did give good moisture to the entire dish.


6.Sea-bass RM 18.90


There is also the chef’s Own style ‘’Olio-Aglio’’ for RM 18.90. Using ingredients like the ocean clam meat, prawn meat, shitake mushrooms, fresh basil and chili flakes, this dish can still meet the bar of Foodeverywhere thanks to the fresh prawns and good pasta texture.


7.olio aglio @ garden RM 18.90


Lastly, enjoy some soothing fragrant after any meal at this beautiful “garden” with a nice cup of hot Jasmine tea at RM 8.90.




If desirable for something more thirst quenching, then why not chill with their Ice café latte at RM 9.90 or some Ice Lemon Tea perhaps?


The café is indeed one place recommended to hang or just chill with friends. They’ve got pretty indoor interiors as well as amazing “outdoor” decorations. My favourite is the white grand piano right in the middle of the café.
10.@garden sunway (11)
The entire café has a very pleasant sight with lots of artificial leaves. The swing did remind me a bit of Marry Brown restaurants but they’ve done it a lot more leaves. Every little thing right from the lighting to the tables and chairs, and right to the flooring tiles were carefully picked.


Avoid the sun in this garden at :
Garden Lifestyle Store & Café
LG 126. Sunway Pyramid
46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel: 03-56321248


Apart from the amazing and pretty ambience, the food is really nothing too extraordinary to crave for. I would only return if my dining mate insist or if it is my call, I would say I would head down to delicious instead despite the lousy services.


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14 thoughts on “Garden Café @ Sunway Pyramid

    1. sycookies Post author

      Hi John, apparently it’s still the same number. I guess they haven’t updated as well. You probably want to contact them via their Facebook page.


  1. soo

    Hi, I went for lunch today n I forget to collect my change for rm30. 40 , I try to call but the tel. not correct. I will go to collect tomorrow, thks.


  2. cyong

    I had lunch at Garden last week and was extremely disappointed!
    Service was slow, soup was cold, seafood was freezing cold, dessert wasn’t nice and the manager told me the dessert at RM7.90 and charged me at RM12.90….
    And if I hadn’t ask for the receipt back after paying, they never even thought of giving me back my change! And even the change is given less…. =.=”’


    1. sycookies Post author

      Wow, that’s quite an awful dining experience. I feel sorry for you. I mean, I would feel horrible if the same happens to me. The management of this restaurant should really take a good look at themselves regarding this issue.


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  4. sivanes

    Was in garden rest at sunway pyramid on 14th Feb for dinner with my hubby. Very disappointing!! Very bad service. The staff couldnt even speak in English. Loucy food presentations n preparation.



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