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Delicious has inevitably proven themselves a hearty café with an array of many dishes to acclimatize to the local taste buds. The new menu introduced last month showed the variety and flexibility by their chef in putting so much effort to bring out the best to the dinners. New menu include some starts, main steaks, pastas, and some variation of desserts. Even their new bites are really attractive.


Starting with the soup, there is the Cream of pumpkin with parmesan and truffle oil at RM 13.90, and the Roasted tomato soup with crumbled mozarella and basil at the same price. These thick soup both oozed with flavour with very lovely fragrant from the ingredients in the soup. The pumpkin soup with truffle oil had generous shavings of parmesan, with chunks of crispy croutons and shitake mushroom underneath, with slight musky lift from the truffle oil. Some may not like the combination of truffle oil but I adore it and thought that it’s just nice for two. In fact, I would say it’s a strictly a sharing dish.


1.cream of pumpkin with parmesan and truffle oil 13.90


Same goes with the roasted tomato soup with crumbled mozzarella and basil, the crumbled mozzarella has a strong flavour so thick and delicious the portion didn’t really matter much because too much would be killing your appetite before the main courses are served. At the same time, the roasted tomato gave the soup some very appetizing taste from the sour sensation.


2.roasted tomato soup with crumbled mozarella and basil @delicious 13.90 (2)


Nicely enjoying the soup, shared and all prepared for the mains to come would give you some anticipation for the new mains. I tried the Roast loin of lamb and braised rump of lamb with grayin potato at RM 40.90 and I must say that the lamb was perfectly roasted. With some gravy served and the gravin potato that has this perfect texture, I also think that the dish is a meal for two. The braised rump of lamb on the other hand was rather disappointing. It probably has too much spices and the chef made a huge mistake preparing each of those ingredients one at a time. As a result of that, only potato is slightly still warm on the plate where as the other two were already rather cold.




The Pan fried red snapper with Harissa spiced stewed chick peas, zucchini and red pepper manage to compensate the fallback of satisfactory level from the previous dish. At RM 32.90, the dish is great because the stewed chick peas, zucchini and red pepper brings some really divine aroma to the dish. While the pan fried fish slice maybe a little bland on its own, what came along with this fish amazingly compliments the dish. In fact the scent of it was wafting through the air as before it arrives to my table.


4.pan fried red snapper with Harissa spiced stewed chick peas, zucchini and red pepper 32.90 (1)


For once, delicious actually came out with palate for one. And you find this in their new pasta dish, the Red pesto gnocchi with tomato and arugula salad. The bold attempt or arugula salad with gnocchi to the Malaysian taste bud is valiant. In fact, not many would appreciate gnocchi if not done correctly in the dish. It is serving at RM 22.90, and grated cheese is cleaverly used as a perfect touch to give that extra flavour to the ordinarily bland nature of the gnocchi. pesto gnocchi with tomato and arugula salad@delicious 22.90 (4)


If that is still large at portion, go for the new bite and graze menu. From the looks of it, pumpkin is definitely the chef’s latest favourite because I see many dishes with pumpkin in it. The Pumpkin,mushroom and spinach crumbled tart being another addition to the menu, and served with salad on the side is selling at RM 19.90 each. If you are no big fan of spinach, then this would be a big no- no. If contrary, then go ahead with it although I thought it didn’t interest or amaze me in anyway despite my love for spinach.


6.pumpkin,mushroom and spinach crumbled tart@ delicious 19.90 (4)


Finally, the desserts being the star of the day we have the Chilled pineapple cheesecake with rapsberry mousse at RM 14.90. Having served awesome cheese cakes all this while, this one is not an exceptional. The tangy pineapple chunks gave a great twist to the muddy texture of the cheese cake. Of course I didn’t forget to get some of my all time favourite Sticky date pudding with butterscotch and vanilla ice cream at RM 13.90.


7.chilled pineapple cheesecake with rapsberry mousse @delicious 14.90 (6)


Lastly, sooth yourself with some green tea and that completes a perfect meal.


9.jasmine green tea in pot @delicious


There are more than these in their new menu, especially the desserts. But one has to watch the sweets you have in any meal. All in, bravo to the new items on their menu. They have to do something with the services though. If there is a rating for their services category, I would say……hmm wait…they are not eligible to be competing in that category. Something for the branch manager to look into. Ok, give them a bit of credit here in the Sunway outet for they aren’t as bad as those in MidValley Megamall. And, you would enjoy the dining ambience of the cozy interior.




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Delicious Restaurant is located at :
LG2.55 & LG2.55A, Lower Ground Two,
Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall, No. 3, Jalan PJS11/15,
Bandar Sunway, 46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
T: 603 5631 8181
B: MON-SUN: 10.00am – 10.00pm


Follow them at their Homepage or follow them on Delicious Facebook .


Love, Sycookies



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