More than breakfast @ Departure Lounge


My previous post publishes Departure Lounge’s DIY breakfast but apparently there is more than just the fun and filling pick and match English breakfast. There are other breakfasts as well as heavier meals suited to most that enjoyed brunch rather than breakfast. Apparently other breakfasts are as charming as the DIY picks as well.


I love their creamy Mushroom soup very much. It doesn’t gives me taste of a lot of flour in it nor does it tasted any canned soup. Instead, there is immense mushroom types blended and stirred into the soup. The rough texture of this blended mushrooms in the soup are still pretty chunky in texture in my mouth.


1.@depature mushroom soup


As for the Upper deck, you get a triple-decker with egg mayo, crispy bacon bites, turkey ham, sliced cheese, lettuce and tomato , in a choice of white or whole meal bread with RM 12.90. Complementing the stratums of healthy soft bread and delicious ingredients is some fresh salad.


2.upper deck 12.90-triple -decker with


Is that too much layering in one? So what else if decks are not to your liking? If you asked me, the answer would be the All Day Breakie. If you are lucky to be arriving while the scent of toasted fresh baked croissant was wafting through the air, this is most likely what you’ll order for your meal. For RM 13.90, there is turkey ham, chicken sausages, fried egg and sliced cheese with lettuce and tomato in croissant.


3.all day breakie 13.90 turkey ham, chicken sausages, fried egg and sliced cheese with lettuce and tomato in croissant


So I realized breakfasts always have softer textures rather than harder ones. But for those favourable to harder or texture slightly more solid, there is always the focaccia selection of Grilled Chicken as well as the Signature Club. Grilled chicken serves with a fresh slice of chicken breast with caramelised pineapple, lettuce, tomato slice and honey mustard in a focaccia bread. Signature Club serves at RM 12.90 with turkey ham , egg, chicken breast and sliced cheese with honey mustard in a focaccia.


4.grilled chicken 13.90 -grilled chicken breast with caramelised pineapple, lettuce, tomato and honey mustard in a focaccia@depature (3)
6.signature club -12.90 turkey ham , egg, chicken breast and sliced cheese with honey mustard in a focaccia


If not the solid texture, how about the Pancake Tower of a stack of fluffy pancakes served with banana slices, butter and pancake syrup or the Mushroom Meltie? I really enjoyed the sautéed fresh mushroom topped with melted cheese, on toasted farmer bread. But try avoiding this with the mushroom soup or I doubt anyone could finish this combination. Too much mushroom makes me a little sick especially with such filling topping of rich melted cheese.


8.Mushroom meltie 13.90 sauteed fresh mushroom topped with melted cheese, on toasted farmer bread @ departure


And for those wanting heavier meals, something a little more filling than just some breads and toasts would be their pasta. The pasta choices were simple yet intriguing is some way. The pasta sauces here very well represent the Invigorating energy of the cook. I adore the thick and creamy sauces with such perfect combination of ingredients. This Creamy mushroom and salmon spaghetti served with a slice of garlic toast made a tremendous satisfaction and impression.


9.creamy mushroom and salmon @ depature lounge


As for their pastas, Salmon and bacon penne is delicious. A little overpriced at Rm 17.90, but the crunchy bacon bites were amazing. I love it on penne and when sprinkled with parmesan cheese, the fragrant of sautéed mushroom instantly enhanced from the plate of delicious pasta. The Carbonara sauce wasn’t too creamy or thick but it complements the ingredients perfectly.


10.Picture 047


Of course, they have always been known with top quality coffee beans as well as a great variety of tea selection for tea lover. There is English breakfast tea, Green tea, Flat coffee, cappuccino, Mocha etc.


And apart from the main dishes, light bites selections are not too bad either. I find myself gulping their Salmon Bruschetta. For RM 11.90, you get 3 pieces of toasted baguette of smoked salmon and kyuri cucumber on top. If dislike carbs, there is salad on the menu as well. The best way to determine a good salad is always the Classic caeser and at RM 9.90, you’ll get the fresh romaine lettuce salad dressed in Caesar dressing, and toed with egg, croutons and parmesan cheese. I didn’t quite think that it was any impressive, rather just palatable.


@departure lounge3 (5)


And lastly let’s not forget the cozy ambience and the layout of this place. It is a perfect place to have a little quiet time with some favourite book on a lazy Sunday afternoon.


ambience departure
@departure lounge3 (1)


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Depature Lounge is located at :
10, Jalan Solaris 4,
Solaris Mont’ Kiara.
Tel: 03 6203 0362


Departure Lounge is open every Monday to Saturday @ 8AM-10PM; Sunday and Holiday @ 10AM-5PM .They are close on Tuesdays. Since the place offers such great and relaxing ambience, I am more than willing to go back any other time for any of their luscious meals.


Love, sycookies




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