Eat Happy @ Candylicious


Candylicious is the perfect place to get children, as well as some adults go crazy and nuts over candy, jelly beans, chocolate, lollipops, marshmallow, as well as all the sweet stuffs you can ever imagine. Since I decided to grab some gelato, I went ahead to One Utama Candylicious. My big appetite tells me that I should get the medium cup with three flavours. With so many choices to choose from, chocolate is a must. But there is this fascinating flavour that is simply astounding. The mandarin orange flavour is tangy sweet and flavoursome to put a smile on me.


1.Picture 251
2.Picture 254


I was considering popsicles but the medium cup was relatively huge so I might have to return for the popsicles some time soon. And since the Garrett’s counter is forever permanently fixed with people in double line, so I decided to just pass on that one too. And through the joy of assorted candy, happiness is somewhat contagious in this colourful candy land. Everyone is smiling and the store is definitely a very happy place to scroll and hang out.


3.Picture 255


And from those colourful candy trees to those huge vibrant candy stick and lollipop clouds, there is definitely something for everyone.


5. candy cloud


From cloths and merchandises to accessories and toys. There are even flowers for those lovebirds and you’ll be so impress to know those aren’t just plastic flowers but actual chocolates.




There are also chocolate bars with funky and cheeky wrappers as well as some really nice vintage designs perfect for gifts or collectible. Of course there is expire to the chocolate, but you can always still keep the wrapper.




How about jelly beans? There are assorted flavours of jelly beans to choose from and there isn’t any flavours that is not available here. Of course if we are thinking of Harry Potter’s flavour beans then this is not Hogwarts, so try not to expect anything like those.




My favourite is definitely the Hershey’s! I instantly thought of my godson Jen, and bought a jumbo sized “kiss me” chocolate for him.




It is true that in everything we do, simple pleasure like candy is amazingly great to simply light up our day. I believe Candylicious definitely achieve their mission because every customer seems happier when they leave the store than when they arrived.


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Candylicious One Utama is located at :
1 Utama Shopping Center
Lot G139B,
NO.1 Lebuh Bandar Utama Ground Floor,
Bandar Utama City Centre


Love, sycookies




One thought on “Eat Happy @ Candylicious

  1. Info

    Hi There,

    Thanks so much for posting about our store and linking it to our website in this post.

    We hope you enjoyed your time at our shop. We’ve actually launched an e-commerce store where you can buy all your favourite treats online at!

    Would you mind linking to that page as well in your post? We are trying to improve the visibility of our site on google and your link would really help in that process.

    Many Thanks,

    The Candylicious Team



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