Creativity from simple ingredients in Sushi Zanmai @ 1 Mont Kiara


Most Japanese Sushi restaurant franchise in Malaysia often offers new menu almost every other month and that sometimes impresses me a lot. The creativity to make new sushi varieties with back to back some simple ingredients available in Japanese cuisine is astounding. To be able to play with the few same ingredients and coming out with so much delicious choices is challenging in ways where the combination may not complement one another. Sushi Zanmai is one of those coming out with awesome choices all the time. My recent visit landed me some new and creative sushi rolls as well as few classic favourite of mine. Starting with Midori Sim Roll, which basically is sushi rice roll with tempura prawn, topped with avocado slices and mayonnaise, to Soft shell crab rolls. Followed by varies sushi including different types of Inari Sushi and Shishamo.


1.@psta zanmai (5)
2.@zanmai sushi (6)
9.@psta zanmai (1)
4.@zanmai sushi


I also had some Agedashi tofu topped with Unagi, but I do feel that the combination didn’t complement each other in any way. They were lovely to be enjoyed separately as its own but not together as one dish.


5.@zanmai sushi (5)


The Unagi Okonomyaki on the other hand, is a great combination of Japanese pancake and Unagi.


6.unagi okonomyaki@psta zanmai (7)


If trying new dishes can be challenging, then why not stick to dishes like handrolls or the Chicken Teriyaki. The California Temaki is always my favourite handroll if done properly with fresh ingredients. Which in this case was pleasantly to my liking.


7.chicken teriyaki@psta zanmai (8)
8.california temaki@psta zanmai (2)


Follow them at their Facebook page for outlet locations and updates. Also, check out more photos and updates in Foodeverywhere’s Facebook page or follow me on twitter @sycookies


Sushi Zanmai is located at :
Lot L1-01, 1 Mont’ Kiara,
No.1, Jalan Kiara,
Mont’ Kiara, 50480 KL.
TEL : 03 – 6201 8010. FAX : 03 – 6201 9010


Total damage cost almost RM 170 including tax. I have always enjoyed their ambience and the dining experience rather than the quality of the food. As long as we are not seated near where we can see how they handle the food then it wouldn’t really disturb the appetite.


Love, sycookies




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