Truly authentic @ Sushi King


Sushi King has proven to be one pioneer Japanese franchise chains to have been lasted so long and sustaining well in the country despite the up rise and upcoming new chains from other Japanese restaurant. The thing with tem is that it slowly becomes mundane as time goes by. The menu no longer intrigues fellow foodies and even with the new dishes on the menu every now and then, it has never been attractive. Not to me at least. One thing putting them on top of course is the freshness and the top quality of ingredients used in their sushi. Here, you would find thick raw slices instead of pathetic thin slices.


1.@sushi king (13)
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3. sushi king


Even their Ebi sushi would be fresh prawns with delicious tempura coating indefinite to satisfy prawn lovers. I didn’t quite fancy them if they would have been left too long on the spinning belt. So request one from the kitchen and taste the amazing crispy tempura coating.


4.@sushi king (10)


Other than few authentic sushi, there are those made to impress or just so to meet the rest. Because if you have sushi in Japan, there is no such thing as the soft shell crab maki. LOL. As the matter of fact, I really dislike this monster like sushi made from sausages. I am not too sure if it serves to impress children.


5.@sushi king (16)


And I notice the sushi rolls are cut to really small slices. Perhaps best to eat the whole sushi in one bite, or they are simply just not generous with the portions.


6.sushi roll


However, I am rather pleased with the scallop sushi. Even though I thought the combination was a little weird. But if you are lucky, some outlets serve really fresh scallops.


7.@sushi king (4)


Last month, they have promotion of the new dishes so I went ahead and ordered a few. Although new, they stick to their philosophy and dishes were created as close to authentic Japanese dishes as possible. The thing is, how well are they going to sell the dish?


The two sets that I ordered were amazingly sufficient for more than one person, satisfyingly palatable and interestingly combined. Most side dishes complement the main dishes well. The sushi set comprises of fresh sashimi as well as some deep fried vege tempura. Another set with grilled squid, chicken skewers and deep fried mash potato with octopus topped with mayonnaise.


8.@sushi king (21)
9.@sushi king (24)


The grilled saba fish was disappointed, and more than disappointment to the fish was the dissatisfaction to the staff in this outlet. When asked for a wedge of lemon for the fish, I was replied “Tak de”. No lemon you mean? Then what’s next to my salad from my sashimi set?


10.@sushi king


So the next time you wish to pick a Japanese chain restaurant, consider the freshness, the quality, the cleanliness, the crowd, and most importantly the service from the staff.


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Sushi King is located at :
Melaka Jusco Shopping Centre
Lot G03A, Ground Floor
Lebuh Ayer Keroh
75450 Ayer Keroh, Melaka.


Love, sycookies




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