Daore Now and Before @ USJ Taipan


So many Korean restaurant getting more and more popular more or less thanks to influence of K-pop and all the Korean drama. Being so in love with Korean food, I remember Daore being one of those pioneers in Malaysia which manages to make it really big in a very short time. The last I had was about 2 years back, and in one of my recent gathering/ farewell for Minsan (well at least it was supposed to be..) we decided to have BBQ in Daore. The ambient and service was still amazingly welcoming, but the standard of the food has dropped terribly. Starting with seaweed soup for appetizers, I quite like the fact that it’s served. Trust me…. I’ve been to some which do not serve seaweed soup.




Then, the sides and our pork BBQ came. The meat was amazingly succulent, well marinated and BBQ-ed just nice to the perfect texture. I still think that the minimum two sets per order for BBQ menu is crazy. So what if we didn’t have enough people?


2.sides and lettuce
3.@daore (2)
4.@daore (12)


I have said this so many times but I really think it is important for a Korean restaurant to have good side dishes. So what really disappoint me is that the sides weren’t charming anymore. I guess this happens when they’ve built such good reputations. My pupil dilated a bit when I see the beansprout. No more kongnamul, only sukjunamul. They used to have kongnamul…..The best way to experience banchan is through a Korean BBQ. And yet, accompanying our BBQ is some unattractive sides. Even the Kimchi didn’t taste that great like it used to before.


5.sides daore


That results in their Kimchi stew being not charming as well. What supposedly should be tantalizing suddenly went wrong that night. I can’t quite tall what was lack in the hot pot but it definitely lacks flavours.


6.@daore (11)


Good thing the O-Jing-Er-So-Myun (sliced squid with assortment of vegetables stir-fried in spicy chili sauce, served with noodles) noodle was scrumptious although I wish they would be more generous with the seafood. But it tasted amazing while sharing with my friends. I really love how Korean meals enhance the communal feel on the Korean dinner table.


7.noodle korea
8.@daore (18)


Both Angie onni and I had a great time with Minhi and Sharoon onni although we have a lot to say about the quality drop in Daore. Meals are twice as good when you have great companies, so that makes this meal palatable.


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Subang USJ Taipan Branch is located at :
No.8C, Top Speed Business Center,
Jalan USJ 10/1J,
47620 UEP Subang Jaya.
(Tel : 03-8024-2616)


Love, sycookies




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