Random me and tea @ Secret Recipe


It is almost the weekend again and I really thought the week was really tiring and hectic. But today, I decided to do something random. Not being silly but there is a reasonable explanation to this. Few days back when CJ left a comment on my blog, I was really happy and excited. Being nominated for another award is another push and motivation for me to share and write more on my blog. I remember when I first started blogging, I wasn’t too sure if I would have time to manage my blog. As time passes, I’ve learn to love blogging as much as I love and appreciate food, as well as the effort from the cook. Now the nomination from The Food Stories is a form of encouragement and I must admit that I was overwhelmed when I read the comment.


award badge


Then when I read on about writing something random, I thought to myself that I haven’t been doing anything random lately. As a matter of fact, the last time I did anything random was probably back in college. It was fun then. So I decided to loosen up, sit back and chill. Do some spontaneous activity, or hang out and enjoy something random. I kind of start the day with my usual breakfast and swim. Then I do a bit of cleaning around the house and by mid day,I was getting bored browsing through that 130 channels on Astro. I decided to skin my rabbit and transform her to brand new. A 20 year old bunny with fragile cloths that looks like it’s gonna tear anytime was transformed to brand new by yours truly with nothing but a needle and white thread. Ta da…..!




Now that took me really long. I remember completing it at about 11pm. However, I have this sudden crave for cheese cake during tea time. Where else if not secret recipe?


2.secret recipee tea


I love this tea time deal called the Tea time special serving from 3pm-6pm. With any dine-in slice of cake, you get a free cup of tea or coffee. In case anyone is not aware of the deal, look for this note in any secret recipe store. Or visit their website here .


3.tea time


Click here for more photos and updates on Foodeverywhere’s facebook page or follow me on twitter @sycookies .



Once again I must thank friends and supporters for constant encouragement. I do need a bit of propulsion every now and then and I am happy to be nominated as I see this as a form of motivation. Also thank this nomination as I get to do some random things that I really enjoyed. It felt fabulous be random sometimes. Don’t forget to support other nominated blogs here .


Love, Sycookies

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