Enlighten children of healthy meals with new dishes in Sakae Sushi in May


Apart from liking Japanese sushi and dishes, I’m beginning to be really impressed with Sakae’s new kids menu. Recently I saw some really cool bento making videos from Youtube as well as many amazing blogger mum’s effort in preparing their children’s meal. Instantly I thought of those cute bento when I saw those cute sushi on the belt. Starting with the signature Sakae froggie, namely Happy froggie, for this dish, it comes as sushi rice with tuna mayo topped with candy frog. Selling at RM 7.99, I really think the creativity would encourage kids to eat more. Also great for children is the Chawanmushi . RM 3.99 for some really great and deliciously smooth steamed egg.




Happiness doesn’t stop there, as the Magic Panda is for sure to put a smile on your face. This Inari egg mayo with panda fish cake and shrimp roe cost RM5.99.


2.magic panda-inari egg mayo with panda fish cake and shirmp roe 5.99


Then enjoy a bit of cheeky smile with Mr Cheeky, the breaded scallop with mashed potato. Definitely my favourite amongst all, it looks really cute.


3.mr cheeky- breaded scallop with mashed potato 3.99


Other than these adorable kids’s menu, Sakae blooms with lovely Sakae Blossom. Grilled salmon rolled to blooming flower on top of sushi rice coated with shrimp roe and mayonnaise.




Since salmon made impression to representing Japanese dishes, I supposed they figured other seafood could do the same. The new menu features many amazing seafood ingredients. I enjoy the Crispy ocean fiesta at RM12.80 although I do think that there are definitely rooms to improve the deep fried outer coat. The breaded coating appear a little hard in texture to me. The fillings however were delicious. There is a mixture of seafood like squid, prawn and some crab stick.




Let’s not stop the seafood maniac with this Avocado ebi. I really like avocado but I find this combination a little peculiar. Inari and prawn itself has strong flavor and avocado didn’t quite appeal in flavor to me.




I also tried the Grilled Ika Maki and which is a sushi roll with tuna mayonnaise topped with grilled squid. The squid was nicely grilled with some slight burnt flavor roaming with the rice when tasting it.


7.grilled ika maki 9.80


This month is all about seafood because when I ordered my usual Kimuchi soup, this Nabe comes with amazing assorted seafood including prawns, squids, salmon fish, scallop and vegetables. The soup was slightly spicy but amazingly satisfying.


8. nabe


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