MOooooo……with Gyuniku Beef Noodle House @ Sri Hartamas


Beef lovers would so love this noodle house. However, if you cannot eat beef for any reason mostly in particularly religion restrictions, there are other dishes suitable for everyone. There is more than noodles in this place but since this is a noodle house, I am only interested with the noodles and I decided to leave the other items for my next visit. As a noodle house, Gyuniku serves a great variety of beef dishes and beef noodles like wantan mee, bee hoon and hor fun. First is the 1 and the soup was amazingly rich with thick broth as well as rich ingredient.


1.@gyuniku beef noodle house (10)


Next is the wantan mee with BBQ chicken replacing the usual pork, and prawn wantan instead of minced pork in the soup. I didn’t enjoy the soup because it didn’t quite have any flavour in it.


4.@gyuniku beef noodle house (1)
2.@gyuniku beef noodle house (12)


Then there is this hor fun soup with some chicken, fish balls, and some fish cake slices. But I suggest sticking to beef noodle since it is the specialty here.


6.@gyuniku beef noodle house (13)


There is some interesting add on from their menu, but I wasn’t keen with fried stuff so we had the Steam chicken which was delicious.


5.@gyuniku beef noodle house


Lastly, the choices in the menu also suite personal preferences for different individual. See this beef noodle here which was rather similar to first, but different in choices of ingredients. This one does not have beef balls in it. However not to worry because the menu have photos so you could decide what sort of beef noodle to order.


3.@gyuniku beef noodle house (3)


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Gyuniku Beef Noodle House is located at :
No. 20 Jalan 28/70A,
Desa Sri Hartamas
Kuala Lumpur
03 2300 0122


Locate Gyuniku on GPS at Longitude:101°43′ 3″Latitude :3°9′ 36″



Prices averagely range within Rm 4- Rm 9 depending on the ingredients for different types of noodles.


Love, sycookies



2 Responses to “MOooooo……with Gyuniku Beef Noodle House @ Sri Hartamas”
  1. russell chai says:

    Thank you for sharing, will be there to taste it soon.


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