One sweet one night @ Solaris Dutamas

One sweet one night is a restaurant/bar with music lounge where there is a pretty white grand piano centered on the stage. The interior of the shop is definitely a bigger attraction as compared to the food. I thought their pasta was palatable. But the interior of the shop really caught my attention.


1.@one sweet one night (8)


There is a lot of vintage and old school decorations inside the restaurant, making dining experience rather pleasant and enjoyable.


3.@one sweet one night (14)
4.background one sweet one night


Another capturing item here is the menu. Flip through the menu on an ipad but we still order with the staffs. So it kinda really defeat the purpose of the electronic menu.


6.@one sweet one night


Beginning with the French style milk pumpkin soup for starters, I was already not too please with the flavor. Then I tried the Soft shell crab pasta and the Chicken ham carbonara. Both plates of pasta tasted the same. Except for the deep fried soft shell crab, and some shredded chicken ham. Also different texture for spaghetti and penne.


10.pumpkin soup@one sweet one night (11)
7.@one sweet one night (18)
8.chicken ham carbonara@one sweet one night (15)


The Baked scallops with cheese looked nothing like the illustration from the menu and I’d be lying if I say I wasn’t feeling cheated at that point. I can spend much better with my 25 Rm so I really don’t recommend this to anyone. Scallop is sized like a 50cent coin, not to mention it was over baked. Onions were chopped in pieces too big for the scallop so it really was a failure.


9.baked scallop @one sweet one night (20)


I do like the Chrysanthemum tea with jelly thou. Tasted really similar to cincau but less sweet.


9. tea jelly


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One Sweet One night Café is located at :
Lot A2-G2-3a, Solaris Dutamas,
Jalan Dutamas 1

Kuala Lumpur 50480


Total damage done for what was ordered came up to about Rm 120, excluding service tax, and honestly it would be the ambient that you are paying for.


Love, sycookies



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  2. Anonymous says:

    okie, one down, more to go


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