Lakeside local delights @ Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon Festival 2012

The four days Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon Festival this year came back starting on the 15th March 2012. Arriving early in the morning, most people were very attracted to the hot air balloon ride. Open to 100 people per day, each ticket cost Rm 10. Don’t imagine anything like the Indiana Jones or MacGyver adventure because it doesn’t go very high up. Each ride carries no more than 50 kg and it was quite an experience if given the opportunity.


2.before and after take off
At this 25 hectare park in Precicnt 2, you will see a majestic monument standing tall at 68m with carvings on its body to depict the country’s historical moments. Apart from shapped like a hibiscus from top view, the tapering tower is divided into some era of the past, present and vision of 2020 onwards. Many might not know that there is a time capsule concealed in the base of the monument containing a message from our former Prime Minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohammed which is said to be unearthed in the year 2020.
3. moonument
There are many interesting activities like the cruise, water sports, paint ball etc. Hopefully next year would be bigger. I enjoy the cruise and the brunch by the lake side. Such simple local delights, yet delicious and affordable. Especially the nasi lemak and the roti jala. Mainly because they have awesome curry.
4. tea n cruise
5.Picture 360
6.Picture 359
7.Picture 352


Enjoy the lovely meal with such beautiful lake side scenery at GPS location Latitude 2.922785 and Longitude 101.682646 at Precinct 2, Putrajaya.


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Love, sycookies




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