My sinful Easter 2012


There are so many ways to celebrate Easter and non Christians kind of reckons Easter with Easter eggs, rabbits and chocolates. The Easter festival is kept in many different ways; there is the Western Christianity and Eastern Christianity. In both shows difference in religious observance. Anyhow, Easter is a Christian feast and holiday to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. There are many names referring to Easter including names like Easter Day or Resurrection Day. In countries where Christianity is a state religion, Easter is a public holiday. And in most countries, many still follow the tradition of colouring hard boiled eggs and giving basket of candy. I remember my mum and older sister letting us play with this colouring activity but I guess my nieces and nephews won’t have the luxury to do that anymore. This Easter, all we get is some quality family time of course, and many many candies and chocolates. Horribly sinful and delicious chocolates. Not to mention how we consume while having to play jig saw puzzles with my niece and watch Monster House on HBO with them. I shall secretly confess that I kind of enjoy the chocolates. Yikes ! Look at all the goodies!!


1.Picture 112
2.Picture 100
8.Picture 105
9.lazy bum
10. ron jia


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Looking forward to Easter next year,




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