Mash@ Ecobar +Fundraising for Alda Evan Tan


Followers might have noticed this not being part of the Sneak peek April album featured posted on my Facebook page. But this took us off gut and made me realized that we cannot predict what would happen tomorrow and that we should love and care for everyone around us. Alda Evan Tan , a young and very talented musician had a capillary burst in his brain on March 28th while jamming and was sent to the hospital but is currently in an induced coma after the brain operation. We pray and hope that Alda Evan Tan will recover fast . Sometime before this incident, Alda had put up a show bringing few local bands together for a gig in the Ecobar, “MASH @ Ecoba (Open Mic Night)”. What initially was a get together for local artists and musicians became a fund raising event for Alda. Alda’s band mate, Collin did a wonderful job as the MC and the organizer Jin Hackman was there to show his support all the way through.



Local media also lent a hand in spreading the words and getting the news out with the hope that it would reach more people. There is already a Pray for Alda facebook page, effort on Aforadio , blogger Andrew’s blog , The Star newspaper , and Aldo’s sister herself has been publishing posts and updates with the current situation, progress and fundraising efforts with the hope to help a musician in a coma.




For those interested with the updates of Alda’s current condition and progress, follow and search for updates of Alda’s condition on twitter with #PrayforAldaEvanTan. We saw hope in humanity and that the world still has a lot of love to be shared when I found out about an angle answering to prayers from the Alda’s family. Read up constant update of Alda’s progress on Blog , tweet it, and share it to help Alda and his family get through this.
The organizer and few of the friends in the local music industry has shown us how people should help each other in every way possible and in between performances, auctions were held to raise fund for Alda and all winning bids goes straight to Alda and his family. It was an amazing feeling to see people participating and actually donating their money even though they might not know Alda personally.


2. collin -auction


I enjoyed every bit of the entire show, the food was palatable and the performers were amazing artists. Featured bands and performances include the Red Ruby Avengers , Freeloaders Inc , beat boxer Coex , Cats in love ,Kristie & Cass3y Maximus, Rashdan Harith , Rosevelt , and a few more to name, along with some open mic performances.


donation box
girls and me
I compiled some videos of a few acts for the night and I really hope that all of you out there can really share, tweet, or make some donations for Alda and his family. Pray for him and I am very sure that when he recovers, he would be really happy to see how he had brought music lovers together.

With all this great musicians in the house, Ecobar still manages to serve good food especially their pizza. I also enjoy the Caesar salad with Salmon and the Wild Mushroom Soup for starters.


1.Picture 524_
salad and soup


I especially love the mushroom soup although it would be nice if they serve a more generous portion. Pasta and the Smoked Salmon Sandwich were really just so-so and I think there is so much rooms for improvements starting with keeping the bread fresh on daily basis for the sandwich. We ordered the chicken sandwich as well but both came with the same bread when I was so excited with the focaccia bread. And honestly, I don’t know if it was focaccia that I ate because if it is, then they fail horribly.


salmon and sandwich


Just when you thought that nothing would go wrong with some deep fried dishes, I didn’t find the Fish and Chips was any bit charming at all. It is almost like no one is putting any effort in this dish. Although, I did enjoy the presentation.


fish and chips


Having said all that, the oriental menu did surprise me. As a matter of fact, the fried rice was delicious. And over dinner with some nice performances, I got to know that it was not the dishes that charm the customer but the drinks and cocktails.


6.Picture 521


Click here for more photos and updates on Foodeverywhere’s facebook page or follow me on twitter @sycookies .Total bill is approximately Rm180 and I probably would return for the cocktail menus in the near future.


Ecoba is located at:
B-G-02, Level 1 Menara Bata (Tower B),
PJ Trade Centre, No. 8, Jalan PJU 8/8a,
Bandar Damansara Perdana,
47820 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Tel: 03-7710 1118 Fax: 03-7710 1119


Check out Ecoba’s homepage or follow them on their Facebook page for updates and promotions.


Also not forgetting to please pray for Alda, share this or make some contributions to Alda and his family. Malaysians can donate to their bank account;


Malayan Banking Berhad
* If you wish to be updated with the expense statements, send email notification to prayforaldaevantan @


Those in Australia can donate to;

Commonwealth Bank
BSB 06 2110
A/C 1022 5721


As for those currently not residing in Malaysia, you can contribute via pay pal to and every cent now would be a blessing to Alda and his family. Please support and help them. All forms of help and contributions are very much appreciated. Thank everyone with all the support and love, May God bless you all.


Love, sycookies


* Click here for more band performances video in Youtube


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