Taipei Walker @ Kuchai Lama


The only good thing about this place is probably only because their kitchen closes a bit later than the rest around those within the close proximate. Other than that, I really cannot find any reason at all to return to this place, not even for a free buffet for 20pax. So this one time I visited them with a few of my girl friends, really got us upset and frustrated with not only the food served, but also the staffs which has so much attitude in them if you know what I mean here. They were probably annoyed with us arriving so late, and we probably was getting in their way to getting off work. But then again, if they are so unhappy working then they can always stay home. All I can say is that I feel sorry for the owner for hiring staffs like those.


The food weren’t any better as well. We had the Fried sweet potato that Shean likes, and the Woh Tip (fried dumpling) that I adore. The sweet potatoes were palatable, not too bad because it was young sweet potatoes that they use. So the texture was smooth and sweet of course. The coating was not too charming thou, as it was not crispy. Besides I really thought it was a little oily to be served on a plate. They should have drained the excessive oil before bringing us the food.


1.Fried sweet potato @ taipei walker. Shean's favourite.


Secondly, this dumpling wasn’t that bad thanks to the vinegar. It is sad that it is only good when you drown and soak the dumpling into the vinegar with ginger strips before eating it. If not, I wouldn’t have enjoyed it in any bit. I thought it was rather bland, and the texture weren’t any bit intriguing as well.


2.Woh tip @ taipei walker


Then the main for the night came, where I was looking forward to famous Taiwan cuisine’s street snack signature, the oyster mee suah. However, to my amazement it did got me overwhelmed a little. I could have never expected that the oyster mee suahcan be this awful. How is that possible?


3.Oyster mee sua @ Taipei walker. Suck big time.


But I thought I should keep my judgments, at least until I had the rest of the noodles we ordered. So the Minced pork noodle and the Spare rib noodle tasted almost ordinary. But it was not bad for the fact that that they had a lot of spare ribs in the noodle.


4.Minced pork noddle@ taipei walker
5.Spare rib noodle @ taipei walker


Finally there is this one thing that seemed alright among all that we have ordered. The Pork chop noodle was probably the best and do that note that it is the best only when being compared to the rest of the noodles we’ve ordered.


6.Pork chop noodle @ taipei walker. Probably the best among everything else that is ordered.


Anyone probably think that it is somewhat ridiculous that only one fifth of the food on our table is worth what’s to pay for, but let me reassure you of what is to be ordered the next time you decided to come if that ever happens, would be the Jasmine tea in pot. And even that, it is strictly for 2 person only. Because I was told that Rm 1 would be charged for each empty cup you ask for. I find it offensively hilarious and good luck to them with their business cause I certainly am not returning for whatever reason.


7.Jasmine tea in pot @ taipei walker .thumbs up


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Taipei Walker is located at :
No 25, Jalan Kuchai Maju 18,
Dinasti Sentral, Off Jalan Kuchai Lama,
58200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603- 7982 2237


Love, sycookies




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