Fresh sashimi @ Ishin Japanese restaurant


The love for Japanese food started from when I first tried rolling my own sushi roll. But then I found out there were more than just sushi and rolls in the Japanese cuisine. I grew up loving Japanese food and there were so much similarity to Korean food. Koreans have Kimchi, and the Japanese sort of eats everything with wasabi. However, the obvious differences would be the sashimi. And I hear Ishin Japanese restaurant have good sashimi. Without invitation, I went check the place out whilst spending some quality time hanging out and catching with few good friends.


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Upon arriving, I fell in love with the lighting and the layout of the restaurant. Not to mention the wide array of Sake and instantly Sakae bomb went straight in my mind. But it was a weekday, so we decided not to get drunk.


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We were first served with some appetizers, which are really fresh and a little pickled yet refreshingly delicious. Baby octopus, cubed zucchini, carrot, and radish, sprinkled with sesame seed.


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Now the Sashimi set was heavenly and the set came with Garlic rice, Soup and Chawanmushi. Complimenting the set is some Fried vegetables too. The set combination is a little peculiar to me, but if we don’t know what is the correct way to savior the Japanese food then we won’t have much of an issue with the set combination.


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Not many are a fan of raw meat so the other recommended set meals would be the chicken, which came with some salad, garlic rice, soup and fresh fruits. The deep fried thin slices of garlic adds on an amazing fragrant to the meat.


8.@ishin japanese restaurant (20)
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Most of the set meals came with soup, and their soup was delicious and filled with plump amount of ingredients. There were lots of clams, mushrooms, and fresh seaweed.


10.@ishin japanese restaurant (29)


Not just that, I really like the creativity from the chef and how they nicely use very pretty plates and cutleries. This set also has sashimi but the rice was served in molded shape. Then the fruits were nicely cut and topped with a swirl of whipped cream. Also, Fried Tempura, Grilled Saba, and the Agedashi tofu


11.@ishin japanese restaurant (26)


And to those fan of seafood, the Grilled prawn was ambrosial and the Garlic rice along with the dipping sauce was a divine set meal. All ingredients used were really fresh and I think that really plays a role in a great meal. Besides I really like the combination of the fresh prawn and the dipping sauce.


12.@ishin japanese restaurant (22)
12.1@ishin japanese restaurant (1)
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The fresh seafood doesn’t just stopped there, because any seafood item here was very nicely done, with not much seasoning to avoid natural flavor from the fresh ingredients being taken over by the seasoning.


14.@ishin japanese restaurant (27)


Apart from seafood and meat, there is sushi rolls and some few ala carte dishes and we had the Unagi roll, and the Fried dumling.


15. ishin


Lastly, I must compliment the Fried Tempura. I think probably have already mentioned too many times that the seafood was really fresh. And to top that up, the tempura doesn’t have any bit of oil when eating it. With a squeeze of lemon, the prawn tempura can never taste any better.


16.@ishin japanese restaurant (11)


Do note that their operating time is from 12pm – 3pm for lunch and 6pm – 10.30pm for dinner.


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Ishin Japanese Restaurant is located at :
No. 202, Persiaran Klang
Batu 3 3/4
Off Jalan Kelang Lama
58000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel : +60 3 7980 8228


Download their menu as a pdf file or go to their Homepage to check out their promotion items.


We paid about Rm 480 for 6 person and for the amazing freshness of those top quality ingredient they use, I thought the price was rather reasonable.


Love, sycookies




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